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08 Jun 2015
Centre-back Pablo Insua conceded an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; the Galician player talked of his feelings after clinching the salvation and also measured his performance in a year in which he didn’t play too much.

Q: Beyond the greater or lesser role in a personal sense, when you achieve the goal for the season it is always good..
A: Of course. In the end the goal was to stay at Primera. It almost it doesn’t matter the individual aspect, as long as you stay in the league. I wish it would be otherwise, not so rushed, but eventually we got what we wanted, so everyone is happy.

Q: To be saved again, if possible without too much suffering, is the goal for next season?
A: Sure. We cannot think of anything else but that, in trying to be save and not suffering as it happened this year. I think it would be a success. We just did it this year on the last matchday, so for now I don’t think we need to aspire to anything else than the salvation, but of course with a better margin.

Q: What is your personal balance of last season?
A: At first, perhaps, I had a different expectation, but I cannot complain. I don’t think the season has been negative in that regard. It’s a year in which I learned a lot and I have to take too many positive things, so next year we can improve because I think I can do it better. I still have time ahead of next season and have another chance.

Q: Do you notice a large margin to still improving?
A: Yes. At the end of the day I have 21 and the players reach maturity when they are around 30 or so, especially the centre-backs. I think that I still have much room for improvement.

Q: There were games in which you could have done better?
A: There was everything. Yes, there were days when, of course, I could have done better, other days it was good, in others I fulfilled the job... The true is that there was a bit of everything.

Q: A busy summer is coming, especially for the many signings that the club will have to close, including one or two centre-backs...
A: It’s clear that the club needs to be strengthened in all positions so that there will be balance in all positions. We all have need to have competition. So no matter what comes you need to trust yourself and do things right. Surely if I do things right, then I'll have a chance to play.

Q: Last summer you were unable to complete the full pre-season because of an injury. Will to do the full job now help you for this year?
A; Sure. The pre-season is very important for everyone. It is noticed in people that don’t do it. Last year I missed almost the half due to an injury and I hope to complete the entire pre-season this year.

Q: Will players from the house like Alex Bergantiños, Laure or Juan Dominguez continue pulling with strength?
A: For having more years here you end having other ties with the club and maybe we feel a little bit attached, but in the end it's the whole team that has to paddle without much distinction.

Q: Do you think the fans will definitely hook again after celebrating salvation and after a year of so much suffering and so many issues of the field?
A: It was an exciting finish. People are very excited and confident that next season will be otherwise. I think the team this year will be more settled and we are going to have other things.

Q: Are you of the ones that disconnect during the holiday or still pending of Deportivo?
A: The true is that I'm pretty much out, disconnected. You always hear something from time to time, but I'm not really into.

Q: It seems that now the academy becomes very fashionable since the arrival of Victor Sánchez...
A: I think it's a necessity in today's football. There are many clubs that are doing it and is being beneficial to them in a sporting and economically sense. It is a good measure.



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