11 Jun 2015
Sergio Teles was interviewed by newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the Portuguese midfielder is willing to make the pre-season and convince coach VŪctor. He also believes that heís more mature after the stage at SD Compostela

Q: Thirty games for Compos. And three goals. Not bad numbers for one season.
A: For me this year has been a great experience. It was a very positive season in which I was able to have many minutes and contributed to the good performance by the team. I felt very comfortable.

Q: Nothing to do with the experience of Guijuelo.
A: I will not say that it was a mistake, because at least it helped me to grow as a person. But I was rushed, because I thought I wasnít getting the minutes I deserved. I left without knowing where I was going, without knowing anything about the team or what they wanted from me. I was wrong and I learned my lesson.

Q: So, did you ask for referrals to Compos before accepting?
A: From Compos they called me when I was on vacation and my answer was that Depor would decide how it would be my life. As I said, I learned the lesson and that Depor is and will be the first. Itís my dream to wear that shirt in Primera.

Q: It wonít be easy to fulfill as there are other four centre midfielders at the squad. Do you see yourself with options?
A: Options? I only say one thing: I will fight until death to get a spot. No one can beat me if it was it for the will to play. Nobody. I'm starting my pre-season. I've had enough vacation with these two weeks, so I'm with diet and exercises. I donít think about anything else.

Q: Do you think that at least you have earned a chance to make the pre-season.
A: When I finished this season the balance in my head was that, at least, I earned the opportunity to demonstrate things. Then, if I'm not worth it they should tell me what they want to do with me. But Iím convinced that I can surprise the coaches and managers. Maybe now some donít count with me and could see that there is much competition, but I will work harder than the rest. And at least I'm going to put things difficult in order to decide. I've matured a lot, really. Mistakes made me learn.

Q: Well you werenít in the first list for this pre-season. I guess that it was disappointing
A: The true is that when I read the list I got sad. I didnít know why I wasnít picked. I called my agent to see what could have happened. He told me not to worry, that I would be in the next list and when I saw that I was it was a great joy. For me to make the pre-season is like winning the lottery. So I'm preparing myself to give back the confidence that they are giving me.

Q: Do you think that you have reached the level to play at Primera?
A: I wonít decide on that. I wonít fall back into the mistake of thinking one thing before showing it. People should see me and then decide. I promise I'll do my best to fulfill my dream.

Q: That dream came close to twist at the Camp Nou. How did you live the final game?
A: Well, while the game was played I was going back after a friendly, I was hearing the radio on the bus. With the 2-0 some colleagues were hesitating, but when Salom„o scored the equalizer I screamed like crazy until I burst into tears. What a moment. It was incredible.




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