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16 Jun 2015
27 players had minutes with Deportivo B during the season. Taking in mind that the team had a positive season the major part of them had a good performance. Róber was the lad with more minutes, and Cardoso was the top-scorer.

Deportivo B missed the promotion to Segunda B, but the performance of the players should be considered as acceptable after the team had solid results during the regular season. Totally 27 players had minutes with the team performing at Tercera División.

Fourteen players stayed at the team compared to the previous campaign, while only two lads were promoted on a permanence basis coming from Juvenil A: midfielders Juan López and Ángel Fernández. Other five players from Juvenil A had mites with the team: centre-back Hugo Díaz, winger Óscar García, playmaker Pancho Cotos, plus attackers Álvaro López and José Fandiño
Eight signings were made for the season, seven arrived during the summer: goalkeepers Veloso, Riki, centre-back Iago López, left-back Jorge Fernández, centre midfielders Sam Piette and Santi Taboada, plus winger Kim Woo-Hong. The other signing was French attacker Francis Massampu, who arrived during the winter window.

Centre-back Róber Suárez was the player with more minutes (3,189). He played in 36 of the 38 matches during the regular season and also took part of the full 90 minutes in the four matches in the playoffs. He only missed two games, one due to a suspension and the other for been injured.

Other seven players had 2,000 or more minutes on the pitch during the regular season: Right-back Adrián Martínez (3,077), centre-back Iago López (3,060), winger Miguel Cardoso (2,742), playmaker Marcos Remeseiro (2,723), keeper David Gómez (2,520), left-back Jorge Fernández (2,455) and striker Dani Iglesias (2,357).

The top-scorer at the team was Cardoso, who netted 17 goals during the regular season. It was the fourth best mark in the Galician group at Tercera. Remeseiro scored 14 times and Dani Iglesias netted 12 goals. The trio scored 65% of the 66 goals on the regular season.

Cardoso was also the best assistor, though tied with left-back Jorge Fernández (ten assists for each player). Dani Iglesias made five assists, while other three lads made four: Kim Woo-Hong, Adrián Martínez and Remeseiro.

David Gómez demonstrated that he can be the starting keeper of the team, this after leaving some doubts in the previous campaign. In his second year as the starting goalie, he made key saves and was very important in several games. The 21-year-old player missed the first games due to a finger fracture. Rafael Veloso arrived from Portugal in order to be the second keeper, he had a protagonic role at the beginning as David was injured and later when he was picked by the first team at the end of the regular season. He had a decent performance in his ten appearances. There was a third keeper at the beginning of the season, Riki Soares, the Portuguese arrived in order to be the second keeper when David was injured, but ended going out during the winter window without playing any minute.

The most stable zone at the team, just to mention that four of the eight players with more minutes at the team were defenders. The best was the couple at the centre: Iago López and Róber Suárez. Iago arrived from UD Somozas and was the perfect couple for Róber. Both had a very solid performance, always looking well positioned and should be considered as the successors of Insua, Piscu or Rochela. Their challenge is to succeed at the first team, something that has been hard for their predecessors.

The pleasant surprise of the season was left-back Jorge Fernández. The new signing came from Laracha CF –same club of Manu Mosquera- and had a discrete beginning as he wasn’t entering into the plans, but ended gaining a spot at the starting eleven. His main characteristic is to be a “real” full-back, a solid player in defence and also participative in offense, just to remember that he was one of the main assistors thanks to his crosses and plays on the left side.

Meanwhile Adrián Martínez consolidated his position as a right-back. The former centre midfielder and captain of the team was a good defender and this time was very participate in attack, to the point that he was among the best assistors at the team.

These four players gathered the major part of the minutes, so the other defenders barely played. Toni Insua spent the major part of the time on the bench and only made eleven appearances, centre-back Quique Fornos had to be relegated to Juvenil A in order to have continuity. Serbian Stefan Deák left the club after only playing one game on the season. There was also time to see centre-back Hugo Díaz debuting. He’s a promising player coming from Juvenil A, he played 3 games and even scored a goal.

Very interesting things among the six players that performed as centre midfielders during the season. Queijeiro suffered an inopportune injury during the pre-season when he was with the first team, so new signing Santi Taboada, who came from SD Compostela, was an undisputed starter at the beginning.

Besides there were problems to complete the transfer of Canadian Sam Piette, so Manu Mosquera improvised at the beginning of the season as he used Ángel, Adrián and Juan López in order to join Taboada in the double pivote figure.

As soon as Queijeiro returned he joined Piette at the starting formation and Taboada was relegated to the bench. It proved to be a strong trio, Queijeiro is the specialist with the passes and one of the most promising players at the team, while Piette represents the lungs as he covers a lot of space and, with Taboada coming out from the bench, it was one of the best covered positions.

Ángel Fernández was the pleasant surprise on last season; he played some games with the team been a Juvenil A player and ended that campaign at Fabril. Now he was promoted on a permanent basis, but since there was a lot of competence at midfield he ended performing as a right winger, just like it happened to José Rodriguez at the first team.

Two lads performed in this positon on a regular basis, though others did it occasionally for one or two games. Marcos Remeseiro was the top-scorer on last season as he was reconverted into a “false nine”, but on this campaign he returned to the playmaking function and shone again scoring fourteen goals and providing four assists in 35 appearances. He also scored 2 of the 3 goals during the playoffs. He already trained with the first team and his future is on the air after the team missed the promotion.

At the beginning of the season the position wad for Pancho Cotos. He was only 18 and came from Juvenil A and left a very positive impression scoring one goal in 16 games. At that point on the season Remeseiro was performing on the wings, but was moved to the centre when Pancho was sent back to Juvenil A (that team was having problems in offense).

The other two players that performed as a playmaker were Cardoso and Juan López. The latter was the multifunctional player on this season after been used as a playmaker, centre midfielder and winger. He is only 20 and left positive things despite only completed 19 appearances.

Without doubt the attention was focused on Miguel Cardoso. The Portuguese was mainly used as a left winger on this season and exploded scoring 17 goals and providing 10 assists. He was the leading force in attack, though it’s also true that he disappeared during the four playoff games.

Ángel, Juan López, Óscar García, Remeseiro and Kim Woo-Hong were the other players that performed on the wings. The latter is a South Korean lad signed during the summer. He was a normal starter at the beginning, but later faded away as Manu Mosquera lost the confidence on him. Curiously his best games were in both matches against Alondras CF, meetings in which he completed his four assists on the season.

There was an internal debate with Óscar García. He debuted in the previous season making 17 appearances, but now the coaching staff had clear that he has going to have less opportunities, so he was sent back to Juvenil A in order to have continuity. For this reason he only made five appearances on this campaign plus playing in the last game of the playoffs.

Three lads played on a regular basis as centre forwards during this season. Dani Iglesias had a hard start of season, been a regular starter, but unable to score goals. It was until the end that he exploded as he netted nine of his twelve goals within the last twelve games in the regular season, plus an additional goal during the playoffs.

Álex Pérez started the season injured after suffering a serious knee problem on the previous campaign. He returned at the middle of the season and scored 2 goals in 18 games, a poor mark far from his achievements with Juvenil A.

Also disappointing was the performance of Francis Massampu. There were high expectations with the arrival of the French attacker during the winter window, mainly as he was promising to revitalize the aerial game, but ended the season scoreless after seven presentations. In the playoffs he was even out of the roster, though in the last game against UD San Pedro he had a disallowed goal through a header that would have extended the season for Depor B.

Since Álex was injured at the beginning of the season, two lads from Juvenil A had some minutes in this position: Álvaro López and José Fandiño. Both only played a few minutes, so it’s hard to judge their performance, though Fandiño managed to score a goal. 




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