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21 Jun 2015
Deportivo would collect an additional amount between €5 and €12 million as part of the changes to be made to the TV incomes. The major part of the Primera and Segunda clubs will receive more money as part of the new agreement.

Happy days for Spanish football. The meeting of the LFP held on Friday in Villarreal confirmed that the new TV contract, initially scheduled to start during the season 2016/17, is going to be advanced and will now be effective since the new campaign.  It isn’t official yet, but the message sent to the clubs is that it will happen.

The new distribution of the TV rights was voted by the Spanish government some months ago and was going to start in 2016, this since the current contract that the major part of the Primera and Segunda clubs (38 of 42) had with Mediapro was ending in June of 2016.  The other four clubs (FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, RC Celta and Real Sociedad) had a contract with Canal Plus, which was later transferred to Telefonica as the latter bought that company.

The new TV deal allows the clubs to pass from receiving €650 million to collect at least €1,050 million per season. The LFP negotiated with Mediapro in order to terminate the contract with their 38 clubs now, as exchange the LFP offered the administration of the international rights, something that the TV company is accepting. In this way Mediapro collects more money and liberates the clubs from the previous obligation.

And here the problems begin, because Telefonica also wants the international rights and is pressing through Real Madrid in order to not accept the exchange. There was a big debate in the meeting of the LFP, to the point that one Real Madrid’s official insinuated that the exchange (Mediapro receives the international rights and liberates the clubs from their contracts) is illegal. However, only Real Sociedad support them.

No matter what could happen with the international rights, it is now accepted that the new system will be implemented since now. It means that Deportivo are passing from receiving €20 million per season to collect an amount between the €25 and the €32 million. The exact amount will depend on the pending negotiations to resolve the international rights, and also a negotiation between the LFP and Al Jazeera, the latter is offering to transmit liga matches through their sports channel BeIn Sports. If this offer is accepted then the global amount that La Liga teams will collect will pass from the €1,050 to €1,200 million per season.

Depor’s increase in the TV income will also increase the salary cap and the budget for the season, in a previous interview president Tino Fernández said that this increase could reach the 10%, this since the rest of the money must be used to pay the debt.

After the meeting La Liga’s president, Javier Tebas, told to reporters that the clubs are studying the option to play games during Christmas, just like the Premier League, however it’s something that must be negotiated with the players union as there’s a collective contract that guarantees a free week at the end of each year.

About the kick-off times, the final decision hasn’t been made, but Tebas said that the idea is to continue with the same plan of “one game at the time”, which means to play one game on Friday, one game on Monday and the other eight games during the weekend. The novelty is that there could be one game at 18h15 on Saturdays, while on Sundays the proposals hours are at 12h00, 16h30, 18h30 and 20h30.



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