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27 Jun 2015
The club commemorated the XX anniversary of the first Copa Del Rey with an act in which a special shirt was presented. Arsenio Iglesias and other members of the club at the time were present during the event.

 The XX anniversary of the first Copa Del Rey was commemorated with a special act at the Deportienda. The club presented a special edition of the shirt used that day. This edition is, for now, only available in local stores in A Coruña and the club informed that in the coming days it will be available in the website of the Deportienda.

José Ramón, Manjarín, Donato and Elduayen were the ex-players that took part of the event. Former coach Arsenio Iglesias and former officials Luis Sánchez Doporto, Pati Blanco and Pepe Guillín were also there. Only minutes after making the announcement the Deportienda was full of people trying to buy the first exclusive edition (1995 shirts that were numbered).  The shirts were sold out in a couple of minutes and the club announced that a new edition was going to be available in the afternoon.

The Copa Del Rey final of the season 1994/95 was partially played on June 24, 1995, but a massive storm forced to move the last part of the game to June 27. The score was 1-1 when the game was resumed and in the end a goal from Alffedo Santaelena meant Depor’s first official title.

* Historic Matches - Copa del Rey 1995




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