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01 Jul 2015
The club confirmed that eleven lads have been promoted from Juvenil A to Fabril. Other three will be playing with the B team though keeping a spot at Juvenil A.

Deportivo released a list of fourteen academy players that will make the first part of the pre-season stage with the first team, at the same time it was informed that eleven of these lads are promoted to Deportivo B ahead of the next Tercera season.

These players are goalkeepers Anxo Pérez, Javi Ortega, centre-backs Bamba Ndiaye, and Miguel Muñoz, centre midfielders Sergio Pereira and Hugo Rama, playmaker Pancho Cotos, wingers Nicolás Sánchez and Óscar García, plus attackers Manu Nogueira and Álvaro López.

Other three lads will keep their status as Juvenil A players, but will surely have the chance to play with Fabril and will also make the pre-season with the first team: left-back Blas Alonso, plus centre-backs Hugo Díaz and Enrique Fornos.

The club didn’t inform anything about Miguel Cardoso, who signed a contract extension a few months ago, probably because the winger is now considered as a first team member. The Portuguese could be loaned out though will also make the pre-season with the first team. There are more things still to be decided, like if keeper David Gómez will accept the renewal offer.

Previously, after been eliminated in the promotion playoff, the club informed that eight lads were leaving the B team: keeper Rafael Veloso, defenders Adrián Martínez and Toni Insua, wingers Kim Woo-Hong and Jesús Cañizares ‘Cañi’, playmaker Marcos Remeseiro, plus strikers Alex Pérez and Francis Massampu.




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