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06 Jul 2015
The club presented the kits for the season 2015/16. The first two are the same from the previous season, while the third in now an orange uniform. The new signings were also presented to the public.

On Sunday Deportivo presented the three kits for the season 2015/16. The act took place in a mall in A Coruña (Marineda City). Keepers Lux and Fabricio, plus field players Laure, Navarro, Arribas, Oriol Riera, Saúl García, Álex Bergantiños and Juan Dominguez were the ones wearing the kits.

The first two kits are practically the same from the previous campaign, while the third is totally new. The main novelty in the first kit –the Blanquiazul shirt- is that the stripes are thicker than in the previous uniform. The second kit is the same one with a white shirt and the blue line representing the Galician flag. Finally, the third kit is now totally orange with white details. The kits of the keepers are practically the same.

The act was also used to present the new signings, in this sense Fernando Navarro expressed his satisfaction to join Depor, “I always liked to play in this stadium. I hope this will be a good season and that we will achieve the goal.” He said. Meanwhile, Alejandro Arribas said that, “I am hoping that it could be a successful campaign. I hope that everyone could enjoy with the team.”

Depor presented the kits on Sunday

Arribas, Saúl and Navarro with the first kit

The second kit

The third kit

Lux with one of the keepers’ kits



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