07 Jul 2015
Oriol Riera conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the Catalan striker explained why he decided to return to Deportivo and also talked of the goals for the new campaign.

 Q: Although everything was resolved in time, it has been a long labor. How do you feel after going back to Depor?
A: The true is that we are very content to continue here, both my family and me.

Q: Did you fear that the signings wasnít going to happen?
A: Well certainly the process hasnít been easy, especially since the moment when other teams were put in the middle. But my feelings didnít change. I felt I had to be here and I'm here.

Q: There was a couple of times when negotiations seemed broken.
A: The hardest part came at the beginning, when we got offers from other clubs, especially overseas. They were paying more money and Wigan was interested. But I made it clear that I was only going to play in Spain and we gradually fit everything and Deportivo was the only option. In all this it was very important the role of Javier Picallo, my agent, who has been at a really high level. He has made a great job.

Q: You talk a lot of feelings to explain every decision. What was the feeling with Depor that you didnít fell with the rest?
A: I would not know how to define it exactly. There is no word to explain it better than that: feelings. Suddenly the feelings come to me and see things that make me decide. I mentioned before that I left Osasuna by need, for the situation in which the club was and it was against what I felt. And it was like that. Since the conversation with the president at the Camp Nou everything became clear. I think it's a very open person to talk about anything. And we talked and it reinforced my idea that this was the right place.

Q: The day of the Camp Nou changed many things. The season finale was pure agony.
A: There was such a difficult time. Although it sounds like business, it was crucial to stick together at the changing room. I think mostly the people with more experience united and pushed a bit more, as itís logical. Manuel Pablo, Lopo, Borges, Fabricio. Several.

Q: Do you think that at least the lesson is learned?
A: Sure there are many things to polish and experience must serve to not go through it again. But I think that is already happening. Just watching the two new players that came here it is clear. I like it very much and I coincided with both before. With Arribas, a good friend of mine, at Osasuna and with Navarro, when I went through the youth squads at Barcelona.

Q: Whatís the base for that assessment?
A: They are very necessary players on any team, contributing much on and off the field. They add beyond their great performance on the lawn, they add in things that are also vital in the most difficult moments. They are two signings with a very specific profile and hopefully we will follow with that police.

Q: Betting on experienced players?
A: Well, I am also referring to the personality and enthusiasm for the project. Let us not forget that there are young players that can add a lot of things, people more eager to demonstrate things.

Q: For now you only have competition from Luis Fernandez. Do you have any opinion about him?
A: I didnít play with him before and barely know his style. But hopefully he could stay, put things very difficult to the rest and have options to prove his worth. We know that a couple of forwards will come and we will have to fight hard for the spot.

Q: What is your goal for the new season? Can Depor may be more ambitious?
A: Mine is to continue working hard to score goals and then more goals and help the team as part of that collective game. And the goal of Deportivo is clear: to clinch the permanence as soon as possible. Whoever deviates from that idea may have a problem.




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