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08 Jul 2015
Víctor Sánchez was expecting to have big part of the team ready for the current stage in Gutiriz, but by Monday only 13 players at the training camp have a secure spot for the new season. The club still needs to define between 9 and 12 spots.

Twenty-five players are currently taking part of the second stage in the pre-season, but only thirteen of them have a secure spot in the list of the coach ahead of next league season. It means that coach Víctor Sánchez only has the half of the squad training in what he described as the most crucial stage on the pre-season.

The players in this short list are Lux, Fabricio, Manuel Pablo, Fernando Navarro, Pablo Insua, Alejandro Arribas, Laure, Luisinho, Albert Lopo, Álex Bergantiños, Juan Domínguez, Luis Alberto & Oriol Riera. The rest need to gain a spot always having in mind that there could be unexpected exits.

Taking in mind that the coach wants a squad with at least 22 players, it means that the club still has to define between nine and twelve spots. It’s expected that only a few of these spots will be covered with the players from the academy or players that are currently trying to convince the coach, that’s the case of Saúl García, Diego Seoane, Sergio Teles, Miguel Cardoso, Álvaro Queijeiro, Dani Iglesias and Luis Fernández.

It’s expected that the major part of the available spots will be covered with signings. The most critical zone is the attack as currently there aren’t natural wingers at the squad and as there are only two strikers training with Víctor.



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