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08 Jul 2015
With the contract of the Canarian keeper ending in 2016, there are many theories about what will happen with the best player on last season. For now the only news is that there is no news.

Fabricio Agosto will surely be on the spotlight during the whole summer. The Canarian keeper started last season as the backup of Lux and suddenly became the starting choice and ended the campaign as the best player at the team due to his important saves.

Now, with his contract ending in 2016, there’s a difficult situation for the club as they face the dilemma of keeping the player and risk in not getting anything for him in case of not signing a renewal, or instead search for a transfer that could bring fresh money to the club.

President Tino Fernández stated last month that the strategy of the club is simple: wait for offers and continue negotiating a possible contract extension, “Fabricio is under contract. Fernando Vidal explained it well on Friday: we have no offers and we presented a renewal offer. We are pending of the answer, and if there’s no answer, then he will fulfill his year and nothing happens. We have a keeper in the beginning. We know that he received offers from other clubs, but Deportivo are also there. There are no offers for him.”

As the president stated the problem is that there are no real offers, only speculations and rumours. Fabricio himself confirmed it as he conceded a press conference on Tuesday, “There are rumors, but I tell you that the club has nothing over the desk. You [talking to the journalists] need to throw things out without a World Cup or the Euro, but the club has to tell me that there are offers. For now there is nothing.”

Asked if he wants to leave, he only assured that his goal is to keep training, “Since the first day I passed through the door at Abegondo the only thing in my mind is Deportivo. I want to compete with German [Lux], earn the confidence of the coaching staff, play the maximum number of games and keep learning alongside German in order to keep improving as a keeper.”

He was also asked about the state of his renewal, and he remembered the latest case with Juan Dominguez, “We need to reach an agreement, it won’t be from one day to the other, but there are hopes. We are working on that. We must remind what happened with Juan [Dominguez]. His situation lasted long time and it was fixed almost in the end and here he is, one more year with us. I am only focused in gaining shape and to be physically ready.”

Finally, Fabricio said that he will only think of leaving in case of having a good offer from the club, “The offer must be good for the club, to see them saying that they can invest the money in Lucas or Sidnei and three or four more players. It must be a good offer to me too, but the club has to call me. I won’t be telling the club that I had this or the other offer.  The only think in my mind is Deportivo. This is my home and I hope to continue here for more time.”




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