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10 Jul 2015
Lionel Scaloni talked to reporters during Tuesday as he was visiting the training pitch at Abegondo. The Argentine said that he will love to play again or take part of the coaching staff of Deportivo.

Q: You just terminated your contract with Atalanta, time for retirement?
A: Well, I donít know. I think I still have the strength to continue. I still feel useful, but we are looking for what to do. For now, I'm watching football, noting, because in the future I'd like to coach. But today, I still donít know what I'll do. I have something that I'm studying.

Q: Many times your name has been linked with a possible return to Deportivo. Can your visit these days revive that possibility?
A: If it would depend on me, but it doesnít depend on me. My door is open, now itís about to see the club opening its own door. I already told Depor that I want to help in any role. I have experience, I know the house... It's a very young changing room in which itís necessary to make veterans... If they think I can contribute as a member of the squad, I would do it. If, however, they believe that I can do it in the coaching staff, it will be good too. I donít intend to create any inconvenience to anybody, especially Victor. I want to help, not create problems

Q: You speak of Victor, your former teammate and now coach of the team. How do you see him in his new role?
A: I've followed these days the training sessions both in Abegondo and Guitiriz and I found it very interesting. I think Victor has very clear ideas of what they want from this team. I understand that it is going to look like the team of the last games on last season. With a clear system and opening the game by the sides. But he is a modern coach and knows that although you have a style, you must also adapt to the demands of each rival. I believe and trust that he will be fine at Depor.

Q: Did you make a proposal directly to club?
A: My father came some time ago and spoke to them. He said I was willing to assist in any form. Money will not be a problem. I have my family. Thank God I have done well in football and now what I want is, after all Iíve lived, returning to work in what I consider my home, which is Depor. But as I say, I cannot do anything. It is the club that must now decide if I have room or not. And if that is not possible, then I will remain to be a Deportivista.

Q: Do you see yourself as a coach?
A: It's something that I imagine in the future. I like the idea, but if I could follow one more year playing, I also see it. Like Manuel Pablo, which is an example for all (he laughs). When I retire I want to remain connected to football in some way.



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