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17 Jul 2015
For Víctor Sánchez the current situation in the market is normal, though he’s worried as the pre-season is reaching the pinnacle with Deportivo still missing some key pieces.

Víctor Sánchez Del Amo addressed the media on Thursday’s noon.  He talked about the preparation of his team and the situation in the market; he’s content but conscious that there are limitations forcing the club to wait in order to complete the needed reinforcements. The following is a summary of the main things said by Depor’s coach.

“Rafa [Carpacho] just told me. He’s a player that we know and that knows us. We hope he can arrive as soon as possible and regain the disadvantage with the team mates regarding the work done so far. He’s a polyvalent player that can perform in two positions and we like that. It was one of the demands in the signings and Juanfran fulfills the condition.”

“I believe that we cannot make a decision yet, because we are scarce of players and cannot make a decision at this point. We started to suffer the problems of lacking players during the pre-season. The players are already dealing with the physical issues. In games like yesterday’s match the distribution of minutes was already prepared, and since we are at the limit then there are players ending performing for more minutes and the issues appear, and in the next game you have to reduce the charge, so we cannot talk of players that don’t fit into the squad as we don’t have too many. For now there’s no overbooking in any position.”

“I cannot give you an exact number, because it doesn’t depend on the coach’s actions. The sporting direction has open negotiations in order to get the reinforcements and form a squad with 21 or 22 players, which is the goal that we have. In the end the operations that will be concluded are the ones that will fix the goal.”

“There’s isn’t a criterion in this regard. The criterion is competitiveness and we aren’t looking at the passport. The negotiations have nothing to do with the passport, just the quality and the fact that the players must understands that they are coming to a club with important values; the players demonstrating this are more interesting for us.”

“There are positive readings, because the trainings and these games are official practices and help us to detect errors. Everything is normal and evidently our responsibility is to adjust the physical effort and the minutes. The physical aspect is very important to us.”

“His situation is coming from last season, because it was the same injury that didn’t heal properly. It isn’t caused by the charge in the pre-season.”

“We aren’t worried. We understand that he is a player that didn’t begging the pre-season with the rest. So he’s coming with a deficit compared to the team mates, and in the attempt to level all the players he ends up having these issues. The planning is progressive and the players losing this stage are suffering a bigger impact trying to enter at the middle, this is typical in the pre-season. The best thing to avoid this situation is to have everyone available, but we know that it is difficult.”

“He’s a very good professional. He’s adapting and following a special plan. He is a player that keeps his weight and we plan to see him playing in tomorrow’s game.”

“The plan of the pre-season is already done, now we enter a phase with more friendly games, which means to alternate matches with trainings and distribute the minutes and see the players feeling fine at the start of the regular competition. All the players have been fine and the pace that we had was good, we are content with everything.”

“It’s the same thing. Look, for us the important thing is to have all the players of the first team as soon as possible in order to reach the start in liga in the best possible way, but we enter into competition in the market and the agents have a lot of power to manage the situation, and one of the arguments is to extend the negotiations. And when there are several clubs interested it’s easy to extend the things. There’s an unbalance between the closure of the market and the beginning of the pre-season, which in my humble opinion is an important phase in the planning of the competition. So, there’s a conflict and you have two situations: to have enough money and sign the player that you want and have him available in the first day of the pre-season, and if you don’t have that then you compete with other clubs in your same situation and, with the deadlines fixed, is difficult to avoid these situations. The club is trying to close the operations, but it’s difficult and you face illogical situations like the one of Juanfran, who will join the work tomorrow after been training by his own, which is illogical as the players should be training already with the teams in which they will play.”




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