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22 Jul 2015
The calendar was already sorted, but Elche CF are still trying to play at Primera División. But the mess could still move them back one division for not paying the player’s wages.

On Tuesday Spanish high court judge Eva María Alfageme Almena ruled out Elche’s petition regarding their relegation case; she refused the injunction requested by the Valencian club and confirmed their relegation to Segunda Division.

Elche CF were relegated to liga Adelante by the LFP after not reaching in time an agreement with the treasury regarding an unpaid debt for €8 million, something that’s an obligation according to the financial control implemented two years ago. 

The decision is keeping SD Eibar at Primera División, but nothing is definitive yet as Elche CF are planning to present the case in the commercial court, so they keep an option of staying at the elite. But it’s improbable that this court will accept the petition, because last year they rejected a similar inquiry presented by Real Murcia trying to avoid the relegation at Segunda División.

And Elche CF have bigger problems than that, because they could end at Segunda B. The Valencian club owes €7 million to 33 players and if they don’t fulfill the payment before July 31, then they face a new demotion as part of the agreement signing between the club and the players union.




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