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27 Oct 2006
Getafe CF is a novice in Primera. The Madrilian club is just playing its third campaign in first division, theory says that a club living a similar situation should be happy to avoid the relegation zone, but Getafe has proved that football is a game that can't be explained with books. Right now the team occupies the eighth position and continues to dream with Europe.

Two years ago everybody was expecting to see Getafe fighting to avoid relegation. But they surely were one of the surprises of the season. The Madrilian club ended in the 13th spot and always showed a good performance, at that time the squad was coached by Quique S??nchez Flores, a young ex-player and coach that surprised Spain with his work, he did enough merits and at the end of the season, he signed for Valencia, one of the biggest clubs in the country.

Once again everybody was expecting to see Getafe in troubles for the 2005/2006 campaign... and once again the squad surprised with its performance, this time the team was coached by Bernd Schuster, another ex-player in la liga. Getafe ended ninth and was near to conquer a European spot.

Maybe the secret in Getafe is its president, Angel Torres S??nchez , an intelligent person that knows how to make business and how to build a good squad with small resources. Getafe is an industrial city located in the capital of Spain that's also famous for its military aerial base. They could be a few miles away from Santiago Bernabe??, but they are far in the economic aspect. Getafe CF has only €12 million in its yearly budget... and they know how to spend it.

For the present season Angel Torres spent €6.9 million in six new incorporations: Abbondanzieri (€1.8 million),  Sousa (€500,000), Alexis Ruano (€2.5 million), Nacho (€500,000),  Cort?s (€500,000) and Licht (€1.1 million). The club also signed three players in zero-cost transfers: Del Moral, Casquero and Alb?n. Interesting players that have increased the alternatives in the squad. Abbondanzieri is even considered as the new hero between the fans.

But Angel Torres also knows how to create profits with his resources. For the present season he sold Mariano Pern?a (€4 million), Riki (€4.6 million) and Diego Rivas (€3 million) and obtained €11.6 million. An amount that represent more than the double of what he previously paid for this three players.

Although Getafe has only two years between the elite in Spain, the squad has started a reconstruction process. Only five players that achieved the ascend to Primera continued in the team for the season 2006/2007 (Mario Cotelo, Manolo Tena, Vivar Dorado, Belenguer and Pach??n). The Madrilian club has been always interested in the promotion of young players, as example the cases of Riki and Guiza, two strikers that were ignored in Real Madrid and Murcia. Both of them succeeded in the squad during the past two campaigns.

Right now coach Schuster has trusted in Alexis Ruano (pretended also by Depor), Nacho, Alb?n and Manu del Moral. Young promises that could leave their mark in la liga during the following seasons. The main weakness in the team are the problems in the striking zone. The exits of Gavil??n, Nano, Pern?a and Riki have left the squad without an important source of goals. This four players scored 24 of the 54 goals during the past season.

And that situation has been noticed on the present campaign, Getafe has only scored six goals after seven matches. Only Mallorca, Osasuna, Espanyol and Real Sociedad had scored a less number. But contrary to this, the defensive zone is the fortress of the team. So far Getafe has only allowed four goals. That converts the Madrilian squad into the second best defensive line in Primera, only behind Real Madrid (3).

A poor offensive line and a strong defensive sector, that's the reality in Getafe. Coach Schuster has to find the way to minimise his misery with the goals, and how to maximise the effectiveness in defence. This factor will determine if the Madrilian club will finally conquer a spot in Europe, or in other case, if they will be struggling at the bottom of the table. In other words, the balance between offense and defense will dictate if Getafe is a candidate or just a new victim in Primera.

Year of foundation: 1983
President: Angel Torres S??nchez
Stadium: Alfonso P?rez Coliseum.
Capacity: 14,400
Current place in the table: 8th (13 points).
Signings for the season: Abbondanzieri (Boca Juniors), Lucas Mat?as Licht (Gimnasia de la Plata), Alb?n (Nacional Montevideo), Cort?s (Mallorca), Casquero (Racing), Contra, Manu del Moral (Atl?tico Madrid), Sousa (Valladolid), Alexis Ruano, Nacho (M??laga).
Exits on this campaign: Miki (Ja?n), Cubillo (Rayo Vallecano), Nano (C??diz), Diego Rivas (Real Sociedad), Riki (Deportivo), Pern?a (Atl?tico Madrid), Craioveanu (retired), Matell??n (N??stic), Gavil??n (Valencia), Calatayud (Racing Santander) and Jaj?? (Flamengo).

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