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07 Aug 2015
The tenth signing on the season completed the medicals on Thursday. The Moroccan man said that he’s aware of Deportivo’s history and that prefers to perform at the centre of the pitch.

Fayçal Fajr completed the medicals and also took part of his first training with the team. He told to reporters that he was feeling anxious to join Deportivo, “I’m really happy to be here. Since a long time ago I was expecting to be at Depor, to train and play with this team. I feel hurried to train with the team and do good things. I know I can help a lot. I know the major part of the players and I’m sure we are going to make a good season.”

Asked if Pedro Mosquera told him about the history of the club, the response was, “If anyone doesn’t know Deportivo it is because they don’t know football. I follow the club since 2000 and when I realized that the chance to come here was possible I told my agent that I wanted to play here. I know it’s complicated to match the level of Naybet, Bassir and Hadji, but I will try to do it.”

Fajr confirmed that he comes loaned and with the option of staying two more years if Elche CF fail to clinch the promotion, “Yes, but I don’t like to talk of the terms in the contract. Yes the first year is a loan, but my intention is to stay here for a long time. I don’t want to think now about the subject, I just want to train with the team and make a solid year with Depot. We will see how things are at the end of the year.”

He confirmed that his natural role is to perform as a playmaker, “I feel more comfortable playing at the centre, playmaker or centre midfielder, always performing by the centre, but if I have to play on the sides, last year I played three months on the wings, then I will do it, but I feel more comfortable on the centre.”

The Moroccan midfielder expects that Depor can live a calm year after the suffering on last season, “It was normal as the team was recently promoted. The first year is always difficult. This year we have to reverse the negative feelings, and with this squad we have enough to make a solid year.” Neither he is worried for the competence at midfield, “Yes, but the competence is good. You need confidence in order to work. The important thing is to work.”




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