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10 Aug 2015
The fifth week in the pre-season witnessed the reduction in the physical charge. It’s the plan of the coaching staff as the league tournament begins in a fortnight. The team played two friendly games in the period.

La liga 2015/16 is around the corner and Deportivo’s first team continued with the preparations after completing the fifth week of trainings. The main characteristic on this week was the reduction on the physical charge, something that’s natural as the coaching staff is optimizing the state of the players trying to avoid injuries and fatigue ahead of the season opener against Real Sociedad. The only exception was the training session held on Tuesday.

The team returned on Saturday night from the UK tour and rested until Tuesday, then it completed six training sessions during the week. On Tuesday there was a double session, the first one was the hardest in the week as it included a long physical routine and a long-distance run outside of Abegondo. The second session was more tactical as the coaching staff trained strategic moves over the pitch.

On Wednesday the session was softer as in that same day the team played the eight friendly game on the pre-season, a game against Segunda club Real Oviedo, which turned to be the second defeat on the pre-season with a goal allowed at the last minute (1-2).

For Thursday the session was shorter as the new signings were presented at the Riazor, then on Friday the team trained the set-pieces and had a new soft session on Saturday as on that day Deportivo played the Teresa Herrera hosting RC Braga. Depor left a positive impression on that game (1-0) and won its 19th edition of the trophy.

The reduction on the pace of the trainings will also be witnessed on next week, because the coaching staff gave three free days to the players; in this way the team will return to train until Wednesday (Abegondo, 10h00 CET). On that same day Depor will face the last friendly game of the pre-season visiting Tercera club Galicia Mugardos (19h00 CET).

The long-distance run outside of Abegondo during Tuesday’s session

Cardoso & Róber during Tuesday’s training

Álex Corredera during the friendly Vs. Real Oviedo

New signing Fayçal Fajr joining the trainings on Thursday

Donato visited Abegondo on Friday

Sidnei, Cani, Mosquera, Luis Alberto, Fajr, Juanfran & Cartabia were presente don Friday

Borges arrived on Saturday and watched the Teresa Herrera from the bench

Depor conquered its 19th Teresa Herrera on Saturday

Luckily for Depor there hasn’t been major injury concerns during the pre-season. The only case to have in mind is Manuel Pablo, who has missed the whole pre-season due to a hamstring injury. The rest of the team has been fine, including Luisinho, who was dragging a groin injury that didn’t prevent him to play the Teresa Herrera.

Two players left the training stage during the week: striker Luis Fernández, who was loaned to Segunda club SD Huesca, and centre midfielder Sergio Teles, who rescinded his contract with the club. At the same time centre midfielder Fayçal Fajr joined the trainings on Thursday after signing for Depor and had his first minutes performing in the Teresa Herrera.

Up to 27 players trained with the team during the week, number that will be reduced on next week as probably coach Víctor Sánchez will release several of the Fabril’s players. Meanwhile, Celso Borges will join the pre-season on Wednesday after returning from vacation on Saturday. It’s also expected that Lucas Pérez will join the team on that same day as his transfer should be completed on Monday.



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