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14 Aug 2015
The latest signing of Depor conceded a press conference and thanked the club for pushing for his signing. The playmaker explained what happened during the long negotiations with PAOK and previewed the new season.

Lucas Pérez addressed the media on Thursday’s morning; he was thanking Deportivo for completing his transfer, the highest paid transfer at the club since 2008, “I am thanking Deportivo for their patience. They were always pending of me and helped to return home. When I went on vacation I was aware that their intention was to buy me.”

Later the Galician playmaker explained what happened with PAOK FC, “When I arrived in Thessaloniki, PAOK told me that they didn’t want to sell me. You must respect it; they have the right to do whatever they want with a player that belongs to them. They told me that there was a buyout option of two million Euros and it wasn’t fulfilled, so since I was so important for them then they were waiting. They saw that I wanted to live and I’m finally here.”

“They said that for them it was very difficult to buy players and according to them I was the best player at the squad, so it was hard to get players like me, but I told them that I didn’t want to stay. I never had problems with them, neither with the coach nor the sporting director. I would not put myself in a position of defiance with a team that has given me many things and that helped me to go out of Ukraine, place where I lived a bad moment." He added.

Asked if he resigned to better contracts in order to sign for Depor, the player responded that, "Money will come. It doesn’t worry me. In life, if you're happy and you play where you want to play, then everything is easier. My career progresses as I’m coming home. It is an honor to return to this group. It’s a pleasure to return home.”

Finally, Lucas was optimistic about the upcoming season, “I come here in order to clinch the salvation early in the season, so my heart and the one of anybody else won’t stop. We have a great team, but don’t want to compare it to the one of last year. Deportivo will be saved and I promise that it will be before than last year.” 




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