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15 Aug 2015
The pre-season of Deportivo ended with bad news as the scans confirmed that Fabricio sustained an injury that will keep him at bay for a month. Lux will be the starting keeper for the first game in liga.

Deportivo are ending the pre-season with concern after the reports regarding the injury of goalkeeper Fabricio Agosto. The Canarian got injured in the last friendly game against Galicia Mugardos, at the middle of the second half he jumped for the ball and had an inopportune landing that damaged his right knee.

The scans made on Thursday determined that he suffered a moderate or grade 2 Medial collateral ligament (MCL) injury. This is an injury to the ligament on the inner part of the knee or the ligament that keeps the shin bone (tibia) in place, and the fact of been a grade 2 injury indicates that there’s a small tear in the ligament. It’s not a serious case, but it’s hard to predict the number of weeks that he will remain sidelined.

The club didn’t inform in its statement an estimation of days that the keeper will remain off, just that he will join the trainings after been in treatment for some days. Normally this kind of injury needs a month in order to heal. The player will have to wear a hinged knee brace and limit how much weight he can put on the leg. However the club expects to reduce this period of time, but the most positive outcome is that he will be out for at least three weeks.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was asked by an agency EFE reporter about the issue and he wasn’t positive, “The initial estimate suggests that he will miss the first matchdays. No one can live free of such situations in the world of football. Football is a contact sport and the risk to these setbacks is always running. It can happen in the game or even in training. Now the only thing that matters is that he can recover as soon as possible. There is no other thing." He said.

This means that Fabricio will probably miss the opening game against Real Sociedad and is already doubtful for the visit to Valencia CF (August 30) and even for the visit to Rayo Vallecano (September 14). German Lux will be the starter and David Gómez will be pulled from Depor B in order to cover the spot on the bench.



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