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15 Aug 2015
Víctor Sánchez addressed the media on Saturday; he talked of signings, Fabricio’s injury and the current situation with the team ahead of the debut in liga.

Coach Víctor Sánchez conceded a press conference on Friday. He talked of the situation at the goal with the injury of Fabricio, his confidence in Lux, Borges’ physical condition and the last move to be made in the market. He also confirmed that the final squad will be composed by 21/23 players. The following is a summary of the things said by the Madrilenian coach.

“Truly it is a disgrace and you try to prevent this though it is impossible to be totally effective when you practice a contact sport. Unfortunately it won’t be the last time that this happens. Now we can only encourage Fabri and expect he will be recover as soon as possible. The deadlines in the recoveries are standard, but each individual has worse or better conditions, so the better thing is to not have a limit and hopefully he can be below the standard.”

“Before this happened there was the same chance for everyone. Nothing special has to happen to see two players competing for one position, because that’s the reason why we built up a squad: to see the players competing for a position. The competence is good for the team. Of course there’s confidence in Lux, like the rest of the players.”

“There’s the chance we can get another player, but up to this day we are content with the squad. We are open to bring more reinforcements, but we are focused in the daily work and the work in the office is private. Before we considered that the defensive block was done; so, evidently, if we hire new players, it will be for the attacking zone.”

“I am content that, at this point, we count with a high number of players from the first squad. We manage all the position on the field and have that competence I was referring before. Before we were waiting for the market, now we can access the market and can handle it according to our interest if interesting options appear that can mean important options to us. The idea remains related in having 21, 22 or 23 players.”

“Everything has been discussed with the players; as soon as the operations are done it will be informed.”

“We consider that Lucas can perform as a centre forward. He has different skills compared to Oriol and we are interested in giving to the squad different resources. We think it’s interesting to have different profiles. We already have two different alternatives for the position, Oriol and Lucas, and later we have Luis Alberto, who can also perform as a centre forward.”

“We are enchanted with his work. We are content with Oriol. He’s a player that can bring a lot of things to the squad. We are convinced that the goal is a matter of streaks and it will arrive. We have no doubt that the goals will arrive. He isn’t obsessed as he’s feeling the support of the team and the coaching staff. The important thing is to have arrival and to be solid in defence. There will be opportunities for everyone.”

“It isn’t probable that he will match the level of his partners that have been making the pre-season since July 02. You see him training with the group, but he is following a special plan. It isn’t probable that he is going to play against Real Sociedad. He’s making a specific work and it would be an error to force him. We don’t want that kind of risk with any player.”

“You can notice it in the players. We have designed a specific plan for this. The players want to start competing for the points. We are confident on the work done by the players and want to start adding points.”




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