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16 Aug 2015
Positive feelings for the new Deportivo ahead of the season 2015/16. Víctor Sánchez kicked off the new project with a stable base and ended the stage with almost the full squad available. The team played ten friendly matches.

Deportivo ended today the pre-season stage 2015/16. 43 days after the kick-off, the team leaves the impression of needing more time in order to reach the pinnacle, both physically and tactically, but it has improved a lot and brings positive feelings to the fans, who now hope that the new league campaign can be calmer than the previous one.

Because it is obvious that this pre-season was calmer than the previous one, the last pre-season was a disaster that included injuries, an inopportune change in the bench and an inconvenient trip to South America. Now everything was more “normal”.

This pre-season was divided in four parts; in the first the team made the first medicals at Abegondo, later it was concentrated t hotel and golf club Guitiriz (July 6-17) with the players combining physical exercises with tactical training at Abegondo.

After this frame was closed the team begun a third stage in which the physical charge was reduced as the friendly matches were opening the space for tactical tests, then Depor spent a week outside of Galicia as coach Víctor Sánchez wanted a “change in the background”, so the players traveled to the United Kingdom in order to play against Huddersfield Town (July 29) and Swansea City (August 01).

Then the team returned to Abegondo and spent the last two weeks making the final preparations for the debut in liga, which included playing the Teresa Herrera. The pre-season ended this Saturday with the team completing the last training at Abegondo, now it will return on Monday thinking of the clash against Real Sociedad.

The first team during the stage in Guitiriz

The starting team that faced Swansea City

Cartabia celebrating the winning goal in the Teresa Herrera

Fabricio got injured during the game against Galicia de Mugardos

Even the situation with the injuries was calmer; truly the last case with goalkeeper Fabricio Agosto left a negative feeling, but it must be remained that only right-back Manuel Pablo is the other serious case witnessed in the pre-season stage, the rest were minor and normal problems in a team that’s beginning to work.

The pre-season stage started with 23 players, four of them were academy players (Anxo Pérez, Róber, Cardoso, Óscar García & Àlex Corredera) and with four of the eleven signings on (Alejandro Arribas, Fernando Navarro, Saúl García and Oriol Riera.

The other seven signings joined the work throughout the pre-season (Juanfran Moreno, Sidnei, Pedro Mosquera, Luis Alberto, Cani, Lucas Pérez and Faycal Fajr). Also to point out that four players that begun the season training with the team have already left the club (Diego Seoane, Sergio Teles, Luis Fernández and Dani Iglesias).

Víctor will prepare the debut in liga having 22 players at the first team after the exit of Insua was confirmed in the last day, so this is another positive factor as the 92% of the squad is already in A Coruña; he’s only pending to define the exit of the men that won’t have too many minutes and secure the arrival of one or two more reinforcements.



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