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17 Aug 2015
Luisinho was expelled from Saturday’s training after having a fight with Arribas. According to the media Víctor has hinted that the Portuguese could end up leaving the club, but Laure said that everything is fine.

The last training session of the pre-season brought an unwanted scene that could have important consequences at the team. At the end of the session coach Víctor Sánchez arranged a training match, after a series of harsh fouls there was a play in which Alejandro Arribas fouled Luis Alberto with a tackle from behind, Luisinho didn’t like what he saw and discussed with the defender.

After pushing each other both men were close to start a big fight, but were firstly separated by Laure and Mosquera and later by the rest of the squad. The tense environment was menacing to affect the purpose of the training, so coach Víctor Sánchez suspended the session and scheduled a new training for the afternoon.

Before starting the new session Víctor talked for 45 minutes with the players, he told them that they should extract positive things from the incident, but also said that there will be consequences. The first one was that Luisinho has been suspended indefinitely from the trainings, for this reason the Portuguese trained at the gym when the rest of the group was competing the training match and even left Abegondo before the rest.

Moment of the fight

According to La Voz de Galicia Víctor even told the players that there’s the chance Luisinho could leave the club, a statement that was apparently reveled by a player to a reporter from that newspaper. The same source claims that it is the third time with Víctor on board in which the full-back has a problem inside the changing room. Apparently he also had a problem after the 0-4 loss before Elche CF on last season plus a confrontation with Fernando Navarro during the UK tour. Besides, to remember that he had fights before with Juan Carlos and Fariña.

The club hasn’t released any statement related to the status of the Portuguese player and neither the coach has said anything. According to reports the club is trying to mediate in order to see the player returning to the trainings on Monday.

However, the version of the players is totally different. Two of them talked and said that these things are normal. Starting with one of the captains at the club, Laure, who talked to the media on Saturday and he said that the situation won’t have any consequence, "We don’t give much importance to it. These things happen on any team when you're competing for a spot and a few days are left to the start of the competition. We have to try to see this not happening again, but these things happen when you are hot. We have talked about it in the changing room and has come to nothing."

Cani also conceded a press conference and talked of the incident, “There has been a discussion between two friends and it happens in all the teams. It was more intense, we talked and hopefully it won’t happen again. It reveals that the team is looking forward, that it wants to do the right things and that it is competitive. I have spent many years playing and it isn’t the first time this has happened."



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