18 Aug 2015
Fede Cartabia conceded an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; the Argentine player talked of his career, his bitter stage at Córdoba CF and the expectations for the season that’s about to start.

Q: How are you after the issues that you are dragging since last Wednesday?
A: I come from a heavy week. The other day I played a game on a hard and heavy pitch (A Pedreira), and I had some pain in the adductor. God willing, I hope to be ready for Saturday. I am calm. The first thing is to get well. Then, if I'm well, then I can help the team in the debut, it would be best.

Do you feel comfortable in these first weeks at Depor?
A: I'm very happy, especially for the group of people at the changing room. I was treated very well. The true is I am very happy to be here. Later, in a football sense, there are quality players. We have a pretty contrast, both defensively and in attack. Hopefully we will fulfill the goal as soon as possible without suffering.

Q: What kind of environment did you find inside the changing room?
A: Well, a very united group. I was welcomed by everyone with open arms and I thank them, because it makes easier to integrate into the group.

Q: Is there any partner who you didn’t know and that has particularly called your attention by his qualities?
A: No. They are all good players. If they are at Depor it is because they have something good. Lucas is a different, different player, someone with goal. Hopefully he can help us.

Q: What’s your impression on Victor Sánchez?
A: It's very close and talks a lot. That's good to understand things faster and to adapt. He is very satisfied with the work of the group.

Q: Has he already told you what is expected from you?
A: No. He spoke only of the group. I have to do everything that he orders. Then, everything that will come will be the best for Depor and the best for me.

Q: Where do you prefer to play: on the wing or as a playmaker?
A: I just arrived and am available for the coach, for both the playmaking role or on the right or left wing. In the last three years I have been playing on the right, almost always, if not as a playmaker. Wherever I should play I will do my best.

Q: Luis Alberto Cani, Fayçal, Lucas, too much competition in these offensive positions.
A: Yes. The more competition there is, the greater the demand and is best for the team.

Q: How will you define yourself as a footballer?
A: I'm a player who likes to have the ball, face the rival and try to do something different and score goals, but sometimes it doesn’t work.

Q: How were your beginnings?
A: I was formed at the Sportivo Bombal – he has a tattoo of the club on his left leg- the club of the village where I lived, 4,000 inhabitants. People play the game for fun. With the pass of time I was overcoming stages and ended here.

Q: Did you learn to play on the streets and on the pitch?
A:  I lived in the village, I was going out to hunt, fish and play football with my friends. I was taking the game more seriously, I realized that I had conditions to play when I was 13 and then I came here.

Q: Thanks to Juan Antonio Pizzi.
A: Yes. He proposed to come to Spain and I didn’t think twice. My family always supported me and I really appreciate it.

Q: Nine years later, it's time to find a spot at the elite. Do you think this campaign can mark your career?
A: It's going to be an important year for me. I am 22 and want to be consolidated in the league. I have played many games at Primera and this year I hope to explode. Depor can mark my career. The important thing for me is to make a good year and it will be good for Depor too. If I'm right, it will be good for me and for the group.

Q: In Argentina, a couple of years ago, it was even published that Vicente Del Bosque called you to inquire about your situation.
A: It was a misunderstanding. The true is that some things were said that didn’t happen, but that's it. There was no call.

Q: Your loan at Cordoba wasn’t positive, what did you learn from this bitter experience?
A: It was a very difficult year, season in which the results didn’t join us. Mentally and psychologically it killed me and I couldn’t get over that hump after failing to win a match in several matchdays. After living all year down there, suffering, you also learn.

Q: There you scored four goals, would you repeated that mark?
A: I wish I could do a little more, twice, perhaps ten goals.

Q: In the Teresa Herrera you scored from the penalty spot, is it good to earn confidence?
A: More than anything, I took it to earn confidence. It was a long time without playing and without scoring, and that is good and helpful.

Q: Will you take the free-kicks and the corners too?
A: I try to assume the responsibility that’s mine. If I have to take the penalties, then I will do it happily, and the free-kicks too. I always did it and will keep trying.

Q: Is there enough squad to see Deportivo suffering less than last season?
A: In football you never know. It may be a better squad and it can happen the same, but hopefully it will not happen again. There is good team, a good group, and we want to meet the target as soon as possible to avoid the suffering.



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