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20 Aug 2015
German Lux is going to be the starting goalkeeper against Real Sociedad; The Argentine is aware that he will be a starter just for the injury of Fabricio, but expects to fulfill the opportunity and gain back the position on a permanent basis.

German Lux conceded a press conference on Wednesday. He was talking of Fabricio’s injury in the friendly against Galicia de Mugardos, “Unfortunately in the last friendly game there were two sad situations, firstly mine as I tried to clear the ball and the striker hit me, so I hurt my foot. Later Fabricio’s situation, which is more complicated. But he’s already training and I hope he will recover soon, because he’s an important piece at the squad.”

The Argentine is aware that the responsibility of the goal os now on his shoulders, “I’m always prepared to play. I am always training with that goal in mind. But obviously the coach is who decides, especially if the partner is doing well. You and I know that this is a difficult position, so you must keep working and being humble waiting for a chance. In this case it is for an injury, but let’s hope Fabri will be recovered soon. I prepared myself in order to play, and if I am going to play, then I am enchanted”

He wanted to avoid the case with Luisinho, though he said that, “The incident passed four days ago and a lot has been said, but I prefer to focus in the game. We are starting the season and I believe we cannot divert the attention. It’s an important case, but I must focus in my job and I believe that the team must do the same. It won’t affect us. As I said before it is a delicate issue, but we are working at the top during the trainings. We are focusing in Real Sociedad, nothing more.”

The keeper is feeling comfortable in the city despite he didn’t play too often on last season, “It’s a new season, a new one at Deportivo, in a place where I feel comfortable and when they love me. I try to be humble and the positon is like this. We cannot have two goalkeepers and it is a matter of momentum. Now I will have the chance to debut playing and let’s hope I will seize the moment.”

“My goal was always to recover the position that I lost. Since then I have worked in order to regain the spot. That I will stay there? No one knows, for now we can only prepare the game in the best possible way in order to have a good start.” He added.

Finally, he refuses to think that Real Sociedad’s results during the pre-season are going to be a factor in this match, “The pre-seasons aren’t affecting, and we aren’t stopping to think that Real Sociedad lost 0-3 with Zaragoza during the pre-season, we are thinking that they have strong players, not that they are weak. We can only look within and study how we are going to play.”



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