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21 Aug 2015
Manuel Pablo addressed the media on Thursday and read a press release that was written by the players. They didn’t like the fact that Luisinho asked apologies through a letter, but said that they will welcome the Portuguese player back.

Captain Manuel Pablo attended to the press room on Thursday and read a press communicate from the players related to the incident with Luisinho. They remain upset with the Portuguese man, but said that they will accept him back at the squad. He also said that no one will talk of this issue again, either in a press conference or in personal interviews.

The following is the translation of the letter:

“As you might now, Luisinho has been sanctioned for his errors against team mates in crucial moments for the entity, failures that the group allowed due to the importance of salvation. We understand that this situation cannot happen again and he should be punished in the right way.”

“Although we wish that he had approached us directly and not through a press release, this changing room, this team, will continue in their quest to solidly integrate their components and work together for the good of our club, place where everyone, without any exception, is accepted as we are Deportivistas.”
“We would like to emphasize that this changing room will welcome Luisinho with professionalism and respect, the same one with which any partner is treated.”
“Finally, we reiterate our apology to the fans of Deportivo and in general to the football fans for the bad behavior of our companions. To say that this episode has not distracted us from our goal, which begins on Saturday and we face with enthusiasm and excitement the challenge, and we hope to excite our fans too.”
“We invite the whole Deportivismo to Saturday at 18.30 in Riazor ".

After reading the letter, Manuel Pablo didn’t accept any question and left the press room. 





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