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26 Aug 2015
Normal press conference by Luisinho despite it was his first after the incident with Arribas. The Portuguese didn’t give further details of what was already know. He admitted to be wrong, but also that others made a mistake.

Things returned to normal mode on Tuesday with the team back in trainings. Luisinho rejoined the group and later talked to reporters in the press room at Abegondo. He commented his feelings after what happened on last week, “It was an abnormal week, because it was a week with many problems. A lot has been said and it wasn’t good to me to train apart, but it’s over, and the only goal in my head is to look forward and help the team.”

Later he said that there’s no problem between him and coach Víctor Sánchez, “My relation with the coach is fine. We already talked and we were sincere one with the other. We must move forward as this problem only affected me. I talked to him and everything is clear between him and me.”

A journalist asked about the press release of the team, one in which it was hinted that he was the one to blame, but the ex-Benfica player didn’t say too much about this subject, “We all commit mistakes. I was wrong and it was press release they wanted to do, but there are no problems.  There’s nothing against me inside the changing room and I neither have anything against the group. We must move forward, we are together in this and I want to be the Luisinho of the past. I won’t talk of this.”

Luisinho also denied that there were other previous incidents as it was suggested with the letter from the team, “No. What happened was this subject, what you saw, only this.” He also stated that his relation with Arribas is normal, “I talked to him and to the group. My relation is good with my partners. I have a strong character, and my relation is good with him and the others. I was willing to go back and it was good to train again.”

He admitted to be wrong in the incident, but also that other did wrong, “A lot has been said about this subject, but everybody was wrong, not only me, and this is an incident that should not happen between two partners. A lot of people were in a hurry. I don’t want to talk of the subject, because I’m tired. Now I can only look forward.  I repent, because it cannot happen again. It isn’t good to me and neither for Depor. We can only move forward.”

The Portuguese also confessed that he never saw himself out of the squad, “No, it was subject that was an error. Something that shouldn't happen again. We talked and reached a happy ending. We are serious persons and we talked to the president. I always had his confidence. I was the only affected one as I was sidelined in the trainings, now I want to be part of the group and play. I have three more years in my contract and my intention is to stay here for many years.”

Finally, Luisinho sees himself ready for the upcoming game against Valencia CF, but also that he must work hard in trainings in order to be a starter, “I count for the coach for Sunday’s game against Valencia, and now I have to work hard. He will like to put the best players on the field and that’s why I have to work hard in the trainings.”




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