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29 Aug 2015
Víctor won’t repeat the lineup for the visit to Valencia CF. There are doubts are located at the centre of the defence and especially at the left wing. Jonathan Rodríguez could have his first minutes.

As always coach Víctor Sánchez hasn’t revealed any clue of the possible lineup for the visit to Valencia CF. He has tested some formations during the training sessions, but always mixing players that won’t be starters (Saúl García as example) with men that will surely play the game.

Still, he won’t repeat the same lineup of the game against Real Sociedad, because Cani got injured on Friday’s session (thigh) and won’t play the game. Despite this last-minute problem the coach was already studying the possibility to make changes for the left wing and also at the centre of the defence.

Sidnei Rechel is a fixed starter at defence, but what it isn’t clear is who will be his partner at the central positions. Alejandro Arribas is ready to debut and Albert Lopo has been dragging a Soleus muscle injury during the week, reason why he skipped a couple of sessions.

Meanwhile, Víctor has tested some possibilities on the left wing; despite the physical problems of Cani, who was the selected option on last Saturday, the coach prefers another alternative as the rival will be more offensive, so he was already testing options before the injury took place; among the possibilities is to allow the return of Luisinho.

Lucas Pérez was also tested there, but he will probably stay at the centre of the attack as Oriol Riera is out of the game injured. Jonathan Rodríguez won’t be a starter as he has just arrived, but might have his first minutes at Depor entering as a replacement.



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