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06 Sep 2015
Víctor Sánchez might have an overbooking problem at the first team, but also has what he was pretending: a squad with ´players that can perform in different positions.

The arrival of Jonás Gutiérrez is closing the squad for the season 2014/15. Víctor Sánchez has 26 players including the presence of Miguel Cardoso, who was inscribed as a B team member in order to allow his presence.

Víctor, just like his most recent predecessors, was requesting for a short squad composed by 22 or 23 players, this in order to have some room for the academy players. In the end he ended the club fulfilled all the spots and the academy players will hardly have a chance, but he also has the multifunctional factor that he has been talking during the whole pre-season.

And it’s that up to ten men are capable of playing in two or more positions. In some cases it is redundant, but in others it might be vital during the long season. In defense all the positions are well covered, including the centre of the defence, because despite there are only three natural centre-backs (Arribas, Lopo and Sidnei), Álex Bergantiños can play there as he did in the past and in midweek’s game against CD Lugo.

The best part is that the coach can pull down both Luisinho and Juanfran in case he needs to cover the sides at defence, places that seem belonging to Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ and Fernando Navarro.

Midfield is one of the more congested sectors, with six players that can perform as centre midfielders (Álex, Juan Domínguez, Medunjanin, Borges, Mosquera and Cani) and other three that can perform as playmakers (Fajr, Cartabia and Lucas – Cani can also play here).

The wings seem to be the more unbalanced positions; there are only two natural wingers at the team (Jonás and Cardoso), but it’s the place where the multifunctional characteristic can be appreciated at its best, because there are other five players that can be moved to the sides in case the coach needs it.

In the visit to Valencia CF, Víctor played the major part of the game with Luisinho on the left and Juanfran on the right, and in the opening matchday against Real Sociedad it was Cani who attacked from the left. Lucas and Luis Alberto are the other two players that can be relocated in these positions.

A similar situation occurs in attack, with Oriol Riera and Jonathan Rodríguez as the only natural centre forwards, but the coach can play with Luis Alberto and Lucas, just as he did in the first two matchdays.

But, and as it was previously mentioned, the main problem for the coach is the large number of players at the team, because there are only 18 spots available per liga match, which means that 8 men will be out of each meeting.

Apart from goalkeeper Manu, who arrived to the team knowing that he was the third goalie, the rest are expecting to have a starring role, which could create a problem to the coach throughout the campaign as he can face demotivation and unhappiness as soon as some men start to realize of their secondary role, actually men like Medunjanin could be already in this state after not entering into the plan for the first two games.

The squad for the season 2015/16:
Goalkeepers: Lux (1), Manu (25) & Fabricio (13)
Defenders: Manuel Pablo (2), Laure (15), Juanfran Moreno (11), Arribas (14), Lopo (23), Sidnei (12), Saúl García (18) & Navarro (3)
Midfielders: Álex Bergantiños (4), Juan Domínguez (10), Medunjanin (8), Celso Borges (22), Pedro Mosquera (5), Fayçal Fajr (19), Cani (6), Cartabia (17),  Jonás Gutiérrez (24), Luisinho (16) & Cardoso (30)
Attackers: Lucas Pérez (7), Oriol Riera (9), Luis Alberto (21) & Jonathan Rodríguez (20)



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