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13 Sep 2015
Fajr is content with how Deportivo have started in la liga, but it’s also convinced that the team needs to win games and asks for time as the new players need to settle down.

Fayçal Fajr addressed the media on Saturday; he was explaining the reason why he trained apart during Wednesday’s session and that he’s now fit to play, “I feel fine, the other day I was only having some issues in the hamstring muscle nothing important. I feel fine and am 100% ready to play for Monday’s game.”

Then he talked of Rayo Vallecano; for the playmaker the key is to press their output of the ball, “We know that Rayo try to play with the ball coming from behind. If we press upfront and don’t allow them to play then we can have the ball there and make more damage.”

“I have only spent one year in Spanish football, but already know that they like to play coming from behind. They try to play good football in all the games and we must try to use this in order to do the best possible game.” He added about the issue.

The Moroccan is content with the way in which Depor have started in la liga, but he’s also conscious that it’s time to win, “The feelings are pretty good after the two draws, but in football what matters is to win the games and we are going until death for it, this in order to have more confidence.”

He was explaining that the new players need to settle, this after been asked of what Depor are missing in order to start winning, “I cannot tell you what we are missing, beyond winning the games we need to score more goals. We try since the start to win all the games, but we know that we have a lot of new players and the team needs time. I don’t know how many time. But we have enough team to win on Monday and we are going to defeat Rayo.”



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