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22 Sep 2015
The reaction after the 0-2 and the role earned by Luis Alberto are the positive conclusions after the game, while the situations that led to the errors committed in defence are the main worry after suffering the first loss on the season.

Five are the conclusions after the first defeat on the season. It was a big shock to be 0-2 down after only seven minutes, that’s why the reaction of team was so valuable, something that wasn’t seen on the previous campaign. The noticeable work of Luis Alberto is also a thing to emphasize.

The negative notes from the game were the bad reading made at defence, something that led to commit errors, while the changes ordered by Víctor didn’t work, just when the team was needing a revulsive to rescue the result.

1- Fighting spirit: After three games in which Depor were never in disadvantage, there was the question related to how this Deportivo was going to react been down on the scoresheet, well it turned out that the Galicians were losing 0-2 after only seven minutes and the reaction was solid. After the initial shock the tram created a lot of chances, it tied the game soon and was even close to achieve the comeback before the break. 

Truly the team missed that same reaction in the final minutes of the second half, but it was more a matter of been tired than a lack of spirit. This should be the positive conclusion of the game: Depor showed spirit and an impressive reaction before the adversity, precisely what the team missed on last season during the most complicate stages with former coach Víctor Fernández, something that cost him the job.

2- Luis Alberto is important: The season started with Lucas on the spotlight. The new position of the Galician attacker, now performing as a centre forward, allowed to consider him as the main reference up front. But Luis Alberto has proved that he can also be a reference in attack after three presentations with the team.

He only spent a few minutes at Mestalla and still showed some interesting things, and later reinforced the positive impression with a goal and an assist against Rayo, now he was the best player against Sporting, completing five shots (three on target) and scoring once. Definitely his partnership with Lucas is promising to bring joy to the fans.

3- Defensive errors: The worst part of the game is located at the back zone, there were continuous errors at Depor’s defensive sector, it cost the three goals and the situation could have been worse as there were more mismatches and bad passes that compromised the balance at the back (a bad pass by Lux and two compromised clearances by Sidnei and Navarro).

Beyond the fact of having a punctual error the problem was strategic, the attention should be focused in one reason: a rival that was moving the ball fast searching for the back of the defenders, something that was brilliantly avoided in the games against Valencia and Rayo, but that now failed completely against Sporting. It caused situations in which the defenders were outnumbered, like what happened to Navarro in the first two goals.

4- Bad decision with the changes: Víctor failed selecting the substitutions. Truly the three were the natural choices with Depor down on the scoresheet, but none of them refreshed a team that needed a revulsive, perhaps the problem was related to the men going out. Fajr left the field having the best passing ratio (92%) and the team felt his absence. Perhaps a better choice would have been to replace Luis Alberto, who was the most dangerous man, but he was already exhausted in the final minutes.

After all the team only completed four shots within the last half an hour –time when the changes were made- and the modifications only contributed with one of those shots (an attempt by Cartabia at minute 84). Jonathan Rodriguez was promising to add speed, but ended losing the ball pretty easily in every play, Luisinho was close to be sent off after a ruthless tackle, while Cartabia only appeared once to complete a shot on target. These three men were waiting for a chance to demonstrate that they deserve a chance as starters, and they failed to impress.

5- The importance of Pedro Mosquera: Mosquera is already a fixed starter with Víctor and is proving to be the most regular player at the team. At times his job might pass unnoticed, but his vision to play is one of the reasons that explains the improvement compared to last season. In this game he was the only player that kept the same pace in the whole game, a proof is the fact that the Galician completed 3 of the 4 shots made by the team within the last 30 minutes, just when the rest of the team was already giving up.



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