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14 Oct 2015
Centre-back Alejandro Arribas addressed the media on Tuesday; he explained his knee injury on last week and keeps the speech of the rest of the team regarding the goal for the season.

Alejandro Arribas addressed the media after Tuesday’s training, he was laughing as there was a report saying that he sustained an ankle sprain on last week, “I don’t know who said that it was a sprain [he laughed] but in the afternoon I went out and was playing against Fabril, so it was only a knock. Only three minutes were remaining in the session and the coach told me that it wasn’t worthy to risk, so I left and it ended there. There was nothing and everybody was calling me to see what happened. It was a mistake.”

Following the speech from the rest of the team, he was saying that Depor must go little by little until clinching the goal of the permanence, “I believe the team prepares the games with hope, working hard during the week and we are going game after game trying to add the highest number of points. Little by little we could be adding those points and fulfill the goal. The current positon is anecdotic. The target is the salvation and as long as we continue with the dynamic everything is fine.”

And it’s that Arribas believes that it will be difficult to end among the first six places, “It’s complicate to hold on that position, because there are other teams with great people, as example [Athletic] Bilbao, that will grow up. They still have to improve. There are teams like Valencia and Sevilla that didn’t start well, but surely they will be at the top.”

The Madrilenian defender was asked about the fact that he and Lopo are alternating as the partner of Sidnei, and the response was, “For the moment I have played five games. I would love to play all the games, it is clear, just like any other player, but who decides is the coach. I do my job and the coach is who decides and valorizes if you did a good job in order to continue on the next day. I believe that, little by little, I have earned the confidence and improve game by game. Each day I am better and it’s also important to see the team clinching good results.”

Finally, Arribas was talking of Athletic Club and his importance in the aerial game, “They have people up front that manage the aerial game and, especially, with the arrival of Raúl Garcia, I believe it added a plus to that power and we must be alert. They already played important games in the Europa League and perhaps for that reason they didn’t start too well, but they won the other day at home and have quality players.”



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