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22 Oct 2015
Midfielder Cani conceded a press conference and assured that this Depor is for real, but that neither it can be expected to end among the first six places. He was also warming about Málaga CF, the next rival in liga.

Rubén Gracia ‘Cani’ addressed the media after Wednesday’s first training session; he explaining his feelings for playing on Sunday after a long absence, “After been sidelined for a while, I was wishing to play again and I hope that I won’t be injured again. In a general sense I felt fine.”

He also talked of the problems to settle after his arrival during the summer, “When you arrive to a team, if it is at Primera División, you now it isn’t easy. I already said that I didn’t expect to have a squad that was so good, but I knew it was going to be difficult, and if you suffer an injury then it is more difficult. You want to have continuity and if I don’t achieve it then I will continue working. The coach is the one that decides.”

But what called the attention were the words of the Aragonian regarding the expectations from the fans and the current position at the standings, “It isn’t a mirage to see the team doing a good job, but I believe that a sixth place is too much for our budget and this sort of stuff. I saw a team with very good games, and in the ones that we weren’t good we were able to get the results.“

“I believe it won’t be good for anyone to see you demanding a sixth place, because it isn’t right. Hopefully we can end there as some teams that should be at the top would end at the bottom, but I think that it is too much to demand a sixth place to the team at this time, but I don’t think that the performance of the team is a mirage. The balance is coming from defending well, we have a balance at the team and that’s one of the keys, because defending well it helps you to attack better.” He added.

About the next rival, Málaga CF, the ex-Villarreal midfielder said that, “It isn’t easy, they didn’t have good results, but since some years they are a difficult team. Maybe this year the results aren’t the same, but it continues to be an uncomfortable rival.”

“They are down there for not scoring goals, but they neither have conceded too many. If you don’t score then you don’t win and therefore you don’t add points. They are an uncomfortable rival, despite losing some games, they always lost with a narrow score therefore it won’t be an easy game.” He added.

Finally, Cani said that he is careless of his position on the pitch, he just want to continue playing, “I feel comfortable on the pitch, the place where I don’t feel comfortable is on the bench or at the stand [he laughed] I feel comfortable wherever the coach wants.”



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