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28 Oct 2015
Luisinho has been left out of the roster for the past four games, the coach has said that nothing happens, but there are strong rumors that the Portuguese player will leave the club during the winter window.

It seems that Luisinho is about to leave Deportivo. The right-back/winger had a torment start of season after the incident with defender Alejandro Arribas, which included a public confrontation with the rest of players (Manuel Pablo read a public statement against him).

He was even training apart, but was reinstalled after asking apologies. But a new incident has occurred, this time overshadowed by the results of the team and the silence from the coach. During the visit to Real Betis (September 24) he committed a tough challenge in the second half and was about to cost a red card during the stoppage time, the referee only showed the yellow card in the end.

According to reports, after the game ended, the players reclaimed to him for his attitude and there was a new fight, now almost all the players aren’t talking to him and coach Víctor Sánchez made the decision to left him out of the following games against RCD Espanyol, Granada CF, Athletic Club and Málaga CF.

Initially it was commented that he had a gastric problem, but in the last games it was referred by the club as a “tactical decision”. In his last press conference at the Riazor Víctor was asked about it, and he only said that, “Right now all the decisions are tactical in terms of preparing the game. I understand all the debates with the fans, but in our internal debate we manage all the information, and the roster is made with all this information. Information related to their physical condition, tactical and physiological. We are satisfied with the performance of all the players, including Luisinho, but we have to make decisions understanding that there are circumstances marking the decisions for each game.”

Just days before this new incident centre-back Sidnei, his best friend at the team, was defending Luisinho during an interview at La Voz de Galicia, “Luisinho knows how important he is for the group and for the club. He has never failed to do his job and is happy here. We also know how lucky we are having a great player like him at the team.”

And on this week the comment is that Luisinho will leave during the winter window, journalist Gonzalo Soto reported that the club is already searching for an exit and is understand that the sporting direction is even studying options to replace him. For now the situation isn’t on the news as the attention is more focused in the results of the team, while the silence of the coach and the players is also helping to keep it in the shadows, without missing the fact that the player remains training with the group, but the subject will surely be on the spotlight as the games start to pass and with the player watching the matches from the stands.



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