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09 Nov 2015
The sense of disappointment is clear after the game, so it isn’t strange that the negative notes are prevailing. The poor form of Lux and the recently flat game of the team are among the conclusions of the visit to the Ciutat de Valencia.

Deportivo have only lost twice on the season, but neither it’s winning games. There’s concern among the fans because the Galicians are leaving doubts with its recent performance. The following are the six notes from the 1-1 draw with Levante UD.

1- Another flat game: Deportivo already spent five matchdays without winning, but the problem is that the team leaves the impression of been downgrading its performance. The attractive game of the first matchdays is no longer appearing and the Blanquiazul outfit is forced to squeeze its scarce opportunities in order to add at least a point.

Pedro Mosquera had a solid job once again, the problem was the rest of the offensive formation, Jonás and Cartabia ran a lot but weren’t factors in the game, while Fajr was disappeared. Thus Depor only completed 65 of the 115 passes attempted in the attacking third.

2- Another missed opportunity: Víctor always says that it’s important to add, at least a point, especially with the team playing on the road, but it’s clear the sense of disappointed among the fans and the players, because the team had everything in favour to win the game, just like it happened against Granada CF. Depor scored first and later Sidnei had the chance to make it 0-2 in the first part, and in the second half the performance fell down to end dropping two points.

3- More doubts with Lux: In recent matches the presence of Lux has been questioned by the fans. Depor are a solid team defending, actually it is one of the Primera sides that allows less shots, the problem is that each time the rivals complete a shot on target it trends to end in goal.

Beyond that, the Argentine keeper doesn’t transmits a sense of security with his interventions. Truly he made a great save when the score already was 1-1, but he also missed to clear properly two crosses and was a factor in the goal allowed. From his poor clearance it was born the counterattack that ended with the foul committed by Borges, and later the goalie didn’t react properly despite the error was shared with the players in the wall.

4- Lucas is on fire: At this point on the season it is pretty clear that Lucas Pérez is the main reference of Deportivo, and a dependency is starting to be evident. For large part of the games he seems to be disconnected, but in the end he always shows up. In this game it was like that and he turned to be important completing three of the five shots on target made by Depor and especially scoring the goal. Now he presents an impressive mark of seven goals in only eleven matchdays.

5- The substitutions aren’t a factor in the game: Only once during the season the changes made by the coach have influenced in the result, it was for the comeback against Athletic Club. In this match Víctor failed again with the changes as the substitutions never had an impact in the game of Deportivo.

Neither Jonás nor Cartabia were doing anything in the second half, but the entry of Oriol Riera and Juanfran Moreno wasn’t the solution to the flat offensive game of Deportivo. The change of Cani for Laure was made too late taking in mind that the rival was already tired.

6- The posts also play: Deportivo have hit the post seven times on this season, and those seven actions occurred within the last seven matchdays. In this opportunity Sidnei met the woodwork in what could have been the 0-2. Truly Depor are failing to create scoring chances lately, but it’s also true that it could have clinched better results if these plays would have ended in goal.



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