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27 Nov 2015
Cani conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia. The Aragonian midfielder analyzed the situation of the team and his personal status. He says that Depor must think of ending at the middle of the standings.

Q: How is the post-derby?
A: Very happy because, although the three points taste like all the games, for the people, the club and the city to beat the neighbor it always pulls a little more and itís important.

Q: You left the pitch with cramps.
A: The ones playing less had Soleus problems. Anyway, these games are very frantic. You donít stop the whole time. Besides the rain... Anyway, it's over.

Q: Despite the inactivity you made a great first half.
A: In general, the team was very good. It was not a brilliant game, but we did well not letting them play.

Q: Are you more comfortable playing in the middle?
A: Whoever knows me can see where my actions are more effective and it is when I perform at the middle. I can play on the wing, but when I get into the middle then Iím more effective. But I would not want this comment to remain as I want to play in the middle, because it is not. I want to play anywhere. I need to associate with the partners and find myself something loose on the side. But Iím trying to get used to it.

Q: You only signed for one year. Have you already asked yourself if you want to continue?
A: Well no. Neither the club has told me anything. It's something that hasnít passed through my head. Itís too soon.

Q: Have you thought about your future off the field? Do you see yourself as a coach?
A: No. Thatís clear to me. I dislike it. I want to remain connected to football because that's what I have done all my life and what I can do. I think I'm valid but as a sporting director, scout or something.

Q: Capdevila says that you also know how to tell jokes. And very good ones.
A: [He laughs]. No way. What I do are fool things, no jokes. Clowning is also something that I do, but they donít pay me for that [more laughs]. But that [Capdevila] is worse than me. Heís a teacher. Mine is more to make jokes, silly things, spontaneous things.

Q: Who is your Capdevila on here?
A: No one is.... There is a group ... I donít have one anyone that can be said that spends all day long with me. But it's a great changing room.

Q: A linking activity at the changing room is the Comunio (Spanish fantasy football game) .As it goes?
A: Brilliant. Second behind Alex BergantiŮos.

Q: Did you sign yourself in the game?
A: Never. I donít usually have players of my team and neither me. Because if I score poorly, at least Iíve the consolation that the bad score is from a partner [he laughs]. There are other players who always sign themselves and pay for them a lot. Thatís to not have a grandmother [New laughter].

Q: Tell me about the future of Depor. Where do you see the team at the end of the season?
A: Having seen so far, I think we must demand to ourselves to end up at the middle of the standings. Because we are doing a good year. But beware. When you win a derby, people are already looking up to Europe. This step is difficult. There are many teams with bigger budgets.

Q: Euphoria after the derby, but with pessimism before with so many draws.
A: Yes, but the draws arenít bad. Psychologically, there is a huge difference between a draw and losing. And a point may be worth the permanence.

Q: How does a player assimilate that today is substitute and tomorrow is at the stands?
A: We have to get used. We all want to play and the one that isnít doing it, then ends screwed. But the reality is that the coach has to choose and we are many. So when you donít play, then you have to work for the next game. Undoubtedly, if you give a player many games, he has more confidence and is better physically. But every coach has his way of acting and this is the one of the coach.

Q: Many changes and few clues to the outside. Have you caught the trick of the lineups?
A: No way. This season I havenít guessed right any lineup. There is always a change. I have not caught the point [he laughs].

Q: Do you like the secrecy?
A: It is going with the role of coach. The shape of each one is different. I've had coaches like Marcelino, who trained every day to open door, but didnít say the lineups up to an hour and a half before the games. At Atletico, for example, we trained behind closed doors, but by Wednesday we already knew who was playing. Others show the training and the lineup... I think it falls under the logic that the coach doesnít want to make public some things, this in order to surprise the rival.

Q: Is your biggest surprise to be in the lineup or to stay off?
A: I must admit that the three times I was a starter, I sensed it. I wasnít fixed, but I sensed something. And as always I feel enthusiasm for playing, the disappointment would always be to not do it.




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