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05 Dec 2015
Dark season for goalkeeper Fabricio Agosto, the Canarian was operated from his knee injury and will miss the rest of the campaign. The club is interested in his renewal and the one of Lux, but doesn’t deny the option of signing a replacement.

 The bad news were confirmed on Friday: Fabricio Agosto will not play in the rest of the season as he was needing surgery on his right knee (anterior cruciate ligament, ACL). The club announced the news and the player was operated the same day in Barcelona.

Fabricio got injured on August 12 during the last friendly game on the pre-season against Galicia Mugardos. The Canarian goalie jumped for a ball and in the landing he suffered a knock on the right knee. He tried to continue but was feeling issues and the coach preferred to replace him.

It begun a long battle with the keeper missing twelve of the thirteen matchdays, only once he was on the bench and the player suffered two relapses, the last one before the Copa match with UE Llagostera, which raised the alarm bells and the latest scans indicated that the best thing was the surgery. He should be out for at least six months.

The first team is now left with the options of German Lux and Manu for the goal; for now the club is open to sign a replacement, but doesn’t close the door to renew his contract. After ending the shareholders meeting president Tino Fernández explained the status with the renewal of the player (Fabricio ends his contract in June), “We offered an important contract to Fabricio, limited by our own characteristics off course. He must now know what he will do. “

This renewal will condition the arrival of the new keeper according to the president, “If we need to do it we will do it, there are resources. It’s a possibility. It will probably happen. We will see it in the next days. Because it isn’t the same if Fabricio will renew or not. It will condition the decision, because we will end searching for a long term keeper or instead only a keeper to end the season. Maybe something for the long term could show up.”

The president also confirmed that the club is interested in the renewal of Lux, who also ends his contract during the summer, “We are on that. We are interested in seeing him signing a renewal.” He told to reporters after the meeting. 





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