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10 Dec 2015
Left-back/winger Luisinho is aware that the visit to FC Barcelona is one of the toughest games on the season, but the Portuguese says that Depor is prepared for the challenge.

Luisinho is back after been out for a while. Without an official explanation he disappeared from the rosters, and just as he was left out, he suddenly returned and turned to be a starter within the last three games. Now he is optimistic about the upcoming visit to FC Barcelona.

As the Portuguese told to reporters after Wednesday’s training, “It is a very difficult game, but we are hopeful of moving forward and the moment is good, because the team is fine. This is the perfect moment to face Barcelona.  It is an extra motivation to face one of the big ones and we must seize the hope and the will that you feel before a rival with a huge potential both offensive and defensive. “

In recent hours it was known that Neymar will probably miss the game due to an injury, but for Luisinho it won’t affect the difficulty of the challenge, “He has been one of the key players at Barcelona, but Barcelona have enough squad to be considered a strong opponent, with or without Neymar.”

After the joy lived in the past visit to the Camp Nou, the left-back was saying that this game is going to be different, “It has nothing to do. Last year we were playing for the permanence in a tense game. This year to lose or win it won’t affect the situation at the standings. Last year there was an extra pressure and we left content for achieving the permanence. It was a tense game that you will remember your whole life.”

In this sense he was denying that Barcelona lowered the arms in that game “Barcelona were celebrating on last year, but they wanted to win and we must have it clear, they didn’t give us anything for free and it’s a merit of Deportivo to get a draw there. This year we will also meet a strong Barcelona like last year.”

Finally, Luisinho was talking of the keys to achieve a positive result in this visit, “The team is going to play different compared to last year, because we know that the team is in a different zone at the standings, not at the limit, and you can face the game in a different way, with a more daring attitude. We need to hold on with a tied score and later try to seize some of the chances that we can have. This is a more competitive and experienced Deportivo.”



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