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24 Dec 2015
Pablo Insua conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; he admitted that he was scared at the moment of signing for Leganés and also said that he is enjoying the experience.

Q: How do you valorize this first part of the season?
A: Everything has been sensational from day one. Everything has been fine. It is a family club in which I feel very happy.

Q: So, happy with the loan?
A: For me it is good to have gone out. I think I'm growing as a player, I'm raising my level and gaining experience. I am delighted to life.

Q: What’s different compared to what happened two seasons ago?
A: The other time everything was more new. Now I know the league and have a greater role, more responsibility, although that season I think I did fine.

Q: Garitano [Leganés’ coach] has a reputation for successfully polish many promising players. What about him?
A: He's a coach who works very well, in the daily work he is very demanding but nice. He knows how to treat the player. He has polished many players who are now in teams at the highest level.

Q: In Leganés the pressure is not the same than at Depor. It helps?
A: Clearly the demand is not the same, but this club is growing. On a daily basis all is quieter, I do not know if it’s better or worse.

Q: Do you keep in contact with people of Deportivo?
A: I occasionally talk with people from Depor. Especially with Richard [Barral] who is following me closer.

Q: Are you upset?
A: No. I think only in taking advantage of this year. I don’t think of other thing.

Q: It's your first adventure far from Galicia; was it hard to start?
A: I didn’t leave home before and at the beginning it was a little scary, but the daily life is still very good and I am happy.

Q: In several games we see you going out with the ball playing from behind, Sidnei’s style. What are you learning in Butarque?
A: The defensive record is extensive, with line of four or five men, and the coach knows how to express what he wants in a tactical level. Furthermore, it is true that they give me a lot of responsibility to get the ball from behind. The coach asks me to take up the ball.

Q: Do you have enough squad to fight for the promotion?
A: We haven’t been inferior to any opponent in any game. Our performance is good and we have enough team to be ambitious.

Q: You are happy at Leganés, but some of the loaned players cannot say the same. How do you see Bicho?
A: Bicho didn’t have the chance to participate yet. It is clear that this cannot be. He needs to play and I don’t know what will happen in the winter window.

Q: Are you surprised with Depor’s performance?
A: I'm watching a spectacular performance by Depor, very well worked. The eleven men are going out for the same. A solid block.

Q: It's the team that concedes fewer shots, what do you thing of the defence?
A: The whole block is working very well, bringing many aids. And the back four is at a great level.

Q: Do you think you can have a place here next season?
A: I work to gain a place at Deportivo. My goal for next year is to play at Primera.

Q: You last game was against Huesca and Luis Fernandez. How do you see him?
A: Luis is my friend for many years. It was special to play against him. There was a little joke. I asked if he had shin guards. In the match I saw him very well.



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