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25 Dec 2015
Striker Luis Fernández conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the Galician player admitted that he lived a hard time trying to adapt to Segunda club SD Huesca.

Q: 'How was the last game against Insua?
A: Pablo is a great friend. We talk almost every day and was the first time we faced each other. In the warming up there were a lot of jokes. And in the game he showed what we already know: that the league is very small for him. But in the end others decide.

Q: He is making a great season at Leganés
A: Man, it was the best centre-back at Segunda been 19. Now he is the head of Leganés and they know that it is a luxury to have him.

Q: He also said that he liked your game.
A: Well, I was not quite fine there. I had been doing much better in previous games. So far I haven’t matched my level, but I'm much better now. I have two goals and a crossbar in four games. Time to go on and restore the confidence of the coach. I look forward to continue improving and give points to the team, because we need it.

Q: Is the arrival of Anquela so important?
A: He has changed my situation a lot. I'm very happy. This year, my idea was to play many minutes, but with the previous coach it was costing me to enter. Now they've given me a lot of confidence.

Q: Among your goals on this course, there is one spectacular in a direct free-kick
A: The coach tells me to assume these responsibilities. Also on penalties, but the other day I failed. Now Fran Merida takes the penalties.

Q: You failed, but it was after throwing three times the same penalty.
A: It was crazy. Incredible. I was very bad, because it was my opportunity to score and gain confidence, but when things don’t work, then it won’t work.

Q: Neither the team is doing very well so far.
A: We have good players, but things weren’t working out. Once you go on a losing streak, everything goes wrong. Let’s see if a real change occurs now.

Q: Has anyone called you from Depor?
A: I haven’t had any contact with anyone. Richard [Barral] called me earlier this season and nothing more.

Q: Does it bother you?
A: No. They should not have anything to say to me. At Depor they decided to see me leaving and then we'll see what happens. It's my team and always will wish them the best.

Q: Do you think in wearing the Blanquiazul shirt again?
A: Of course my dream is to come back and stay. It would be great. I am a Deportivista and always will be. But if I have to go out and earn a living to try to succeed then it won’t be a problem. I have already shown it. I'm 22 and need to build up a future.

Q: This summer you left really annoyed. Was it hard to adapt?
A: Huesca is a small and lovely place. Not too much to do and at the beginning it was hard. I live alone and spent some time discouraged because my colleagues are very nice people but almost everyone has made their lives there. And I'm far to see my people coming to visit me. Now I'm better and it is noticed, because the mood is very important.

Q: Do you regret?
A: I went out of Depor looking for something and have been slow to find it, but no regrets. Now everything is better.

Q: Meanwhile, Depor is getting out.
A: Depor’s season is amazing. I hope they can continue in this line, though to keep that pace is complicated. I am delighted for everyone.

Q: And up front, Lucas is the top Spanish scorer in the league. Did you expect that?
A: I had seen Lucas until recently. He’s awesome. Has it all. Fast, hardworking, has goal, he is decisive. He has the level to play in a team fighting for titles in any league.



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