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29 Dec 2015
Stipe Pletikosa completed the medicals and will join the team on Tuesday. He signs a six-month contract with an option of an extension.

The first -and probably only- winter signing of Deportivo completed the medicals on Monday. Stipe Pletikosa joins the club in a six-month contract though the player has an option to extend the link with the Galicians if he plays a number of matches that hasn’t been specified. He will join the trainings on Tuesday and will be available until next week when the transfer window is officially open.

The Croatian goalie addressed the media before completing the medicals –he was talking in English, though later he also said a few phrases in Spanish- and explained why he is signing for Depor, “It’s a big club with a big history. I’m very pleased to be here and am very grateful to the club for offering me the contract. When I received the offer I didn’t have doubts about my decision of coming here. As I said it’s a big club, big players in their history. I’m really happy to be here.”

He admitted to be surprised by the call of Deportivo, “In fact I did. I never thought of retirement cause I always hoped for the chance to play in a top league. Almost my whole career, expect for a season at Tottenham, I was playing in the Russian league or the Ukrainian league, which is a good league, but not at the level of the Spanish league, and my hope and desire was always to play in a top league, so this is a gift from God. I really appreciated the management of the club for giving me this chance.”

About his physical condition, he said that, “I think I’m in a good shape as I trained really, really hard the whole December with a private physical coach and a private goalkeeping coach. Off course I need some time, but with my experience I think that in ten or fifteen days I will be at the rhythm [pace] of the game.”

He was also talking of the current team, “I know a lot of them, because I watched a couple of games they played. I know Lucas Pérez is the star man of the team. I know the coach played at Real Madrid and Deportivo, so I know the team is doing well and that their position at the standings demonstrates that they are in a really good shape.”

Pletikosa is convinced that his experience could help him to gain a starring role, this after been asked about his expectations for the next six months, “For me the most important thing is the team. I know that after six months a break won’t be easy, but I’m very positive about it as experience always plays a big role on it. At my age maybe the problem is motivation. For me the motivation is at a very high level and I think it will help me to fight for the number one shirt. I’m full of confidence, because I see that Deportivo is big and it motivates me even more.”

Finally, he talked of the possibility of staying for next season, “There’s an option in my contract, but for me every training session is a new challenge. Every game is a new challenge as you need to be at the top level. I hope to get that extension. I’m sure that if I work hard, train hard and fight for the team then I will probably get that extension. But the most important thing for me is the team and not who is playing.”





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