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30 Dec 2015
Depor’s coach believes that Getafe are doing a great season and wants to end the year in a European position. Getafe’s coach is aware of Lucas’ moment, but prefers to emphasize the collective work at Depor.

Fran Escribá is only living his second experience as a first team coach, but he already has a large experience working in a coaching staff as he was involved in the group of Quique Sánchez Flores at Getafe CF, Atlético Madrid and Valencia CF.

This former player of Valencia CF was hired in the summer of 2012 as the coach of Elche CF and had an immediate impact at the team as the Valencians added 49 of the 63 points in the first round, a record for the club. The team ended clinching the promotion to Primera as the champions of Liga Adelante, which earned him the trophy as the best coach in the league. Then he managed to secure the permanence at Primera for two straight seasons and signed a two-year-renewal, but left the Valencian club due the demotion suffered for financial reasons

Escribá landed at Getafe for the current campaign and this is his second meeting against Víctor Sánchez Del Amo after the victory at the end of last campaign; actually the 4-0 win of Elche CF over Depor is the worst defeat for the Madrilenian boss in his short career as a manager (Víctor has only lost 4 of his 24 games as a Primera coach). It’s also a special game for him as he grow up at Getafe and was the second coach of the team during the era with Míchel González.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Tuesday’s noon before the road trip to Madrid. He talked to reporters for ten minutes and started explaining why Jonathan Rodríguez is out of the roster, “He had issues in the knee and right now needs more scans. Of course if he was unable to make today’s soft work then it isn’t logical that he could be ready for tomorrow. After talking to doctors we realized the best was to not put him into the roster.”

Then he talked of what Getafe means to him, “It’s a special city. I grew up there and spent many hours on the schools of Getafe. I wore many shoes and it is emotive. It also coincided that Getafe was the club where I started as a second coach, now I go back there and debut as a first coach.”

About the rival, the Madrilenian manager commented that, “It’s an ordered team that works well the defensive aspect, later they have unbalance in attack. They have goal and it’s a team doing things right, especially at their field, a difficult stadium and we are going there thinking that we are prepared to get the victory.”

Asked about Escribá, Deportivo’s coach said that, “I think he is a sensational coach. I have a great relation with him and we were in touch. He opened the doors at Elche in order to share some tactical speeches. He is a fantastic coach and he is demonstrating it.”

There was a question regarding the status of Cani, who wasn’t included in the roster despite been fit, this after been linked with a move to the MLS, “No, he has no issues and is training at the top. We understand that the list of nineteen players is the best and you already know how the competence is on here. I have no idea of the contract situations of the players. I have no information about it. The only thing in our minds is the game against Getafe and we believe it is the same thing in the minds of the fans.”

Asked about the possibility to end 2015 in a European position, the comment was, “It motivates, because we want to defend what we already have, of course, we won’t give up to anything, always having in mind that we haven’t matched the points needed for the permanence. And the best way to approach it is to add points and it will also help to defend the current position, everything is a motivation.”

Finally, Víctor was saying that if he makes rotations in January is for the high performance of the players in a large squad and not for the fact of resting players, “I don’t like the word rotation. We plan every game in order to win it, what happens is that we have 25 players and it gives us a lot of possibilities. We had a hard pre-season in order to reach January at the top and with the major part of the players involved. We understand that it is very important. Truly the players with lesser minutes aren’t so motivated, but everybody has had a chance. Now we face this demanding part of the calendar with hope and knowing that all the players will have minutes, but it isn’t that we are rotating the squad, but because the performance of everyone has been good in order to enter the rosters.”

Getafe’s coach addressed the media on Tuesday’s noon. He is hoping to continue with the rally of good results at home, “Truly we tied the last game at Mestalla and it reinforced us before a difficult rival that’s making things good and that will be difficult to us. Let’s see if we can continue with our good run at home.”

About Deportivo he commented that, “I would highlight the block, because it’s true that people talk of individual performances like Lucas, but I highlight that it is a block that’s bringing things. The individualities are good, but it’s a block that keeps the level even with changes at the lineups. They have a very good squad and leaves the impression of been highly worked.”

The Valencian coach was asked about Lucas Pérez and he commented that, “I always say the same when we face players on a streak. Agirretxe came here at the top and we stopped him despite everything. It was the same with other players, like Javi Guerra, and we knew how to stop them. Evidently it is a team with fast transitions in attack and that always have players in offensive positions and that’s ready to run. The major part of their goals came in fast plays and Lucas is good there. He is a player that creates danger from almost every play. But in the end Lucas is surrounded by players like Mosquera and Bergantiños that bring balance, Fayçal who assists him; many players behind him that makes things easier.”

Finally, Escribá was asked about who will be the duo at the centre of the defence, he hinted that Cala and Alexis will continue performing there, “I will play with two, but am enchanted with my four centre-backs; actually the four are playing and the ones going out is for an injury or something else. I am calm in this position and there are other places where I must think more carefully, but in this position I am calm. No matter who plays I know they will yield. Truly Juan [Cala] and Alexis are fine right now, but I have four centre-backs with a high level.” 




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