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09 Nov 2006
Everybody was satisfied with qualification to the next round. Coach Caparr??s and defender Lopo even admitted that the team was lucky to achieve the qualification. In Racing, coach Portugal was happy with the work done by his men. Also, the declarations of Andrade to the Portuguese paper <i>O Jogo</i> have been in the spotlight during the last hours.

Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s recognised that his team was lucky to achieve the qualification: "An eliminatory in copa del rey means the sum of two matches. At the end we enjoyed of some fortune, but in La Coru?±a we did to deserve a better result. This has been a classic copa tie." The Sevillan trainer also hopes that the effort done after 120 minutes will not affect his team for Sunday's liga confrontation against N??stic: "I'm thinking about it, but let's hope that it won't affect us."

Caparr??s also wanted to talk about the work done by Andrade in the match: "He is having difficulties adapting to the teams style, with Andrade we have to go little by little, but I am satisfied with his work. I made the substitution because when Racing put Munitis on the pitch, I couldn't be taking risks with Jorge."

Albert Lopo also believes that Deportivo was lucky to qualify to the next round: "It was a balanced game, both teams wanted to qualify. At the end we did it on the penalties, and we were lucky, because we could have been eliminated too. It was the typical match in which the most important thing was the final result."

Iago Iglesias played his second official match as starter on the present campaign. The Galician youngster confessed that he faced difficulties in order to find his place on the game: "We were expecting a game like this one, tough, without football. A lot of aerial game. For me, Filipe or Adri??n, is difficult to find our place in a match like this."

Adri??n L??pez also enjoyed of his second chance as starter in a official match, the young striker commented that he moved his position on the pitch during the game: "It was hard for us. I even changed my position to the wing."

Defender Juanma said that this was a game designed for the defenders: "This match was made for us, the defenders, we should be working very concentrated and fighting for every ball. It's difficult since you have to follow a man like Zigic. But we can be satisfied with the work done."

Meanwhile, the ex-Depor captain Lionel Scaloni criticised the game of Deportivo: "They didn't do anything... but they won. Statistically, Racing created more chances, but football is like this. At least we leave the tournament knowing that the team played the best they have all season and things look promising for the rest of the season."

Racing's coach, Miguel Angel Portugal, was happy with the work done by his men although the squad lost the eliminatory: "The game was won by my team. I can't say too much about it. Our objective was to win the game and we did it. Then, what happened in the penalty series, was a risk that we assumed, and the luck wasn't on our side this time round. Our squad was composed by players that haven't played so often. It's important for them to know that they are good. I am really happy with the general performance of my team."

Jorge Andrade said after the game that he was satisfied with his work during the match: "For us, the players that aren't playing often, these games are like a new life. These matches are useful in order to demonstrate that we can take part of the starting eleven. The results are also helpful. I was very comfortable on the pitch, and I didn't feel any pain."

But what has called the attention of the Spanish media during the last hours, are the declarations that the Deportivo's defender gave to the Portuguese paper O Jogo: "Who wouldn't be happy with the interest of Barcelona and Valencia? I am not different to those players that will accept to talk about this interest, but that is a thing that doesn't depend only on me."

The rumours appointing the exit of Andrade from Deportivo are here once again. Andrade even said that he "he wouldn't be with Deportivo" if his serious injury didn't occur, because there was offers from important clubs. However, the defender said that Depor is the perfect club for him at this time: "I can perfectly re-launch my career here, it's true that we are in a transition period with a lot of new players, but right now I am only worried about reaching the level I had in the past."

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