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09 Jan 2016
Depor’s coach is aware of the difficulty of the meeting and believes that it is a motivation for his players. Real Madrid’s new boss is delighted with his debut and confirmed the presence of the “BBC” in the game.

Everybody knows the career of Zinedine Zidane as a player, a man that won everything from the Champions League and the Ballon d'Or to the World Cup with France, but little is known about Zizou as a football coach.

After his retirement in 2006, Zidane knew that he wanted to stay linked to the game, but didn’t have a clear idea about how. After a short attempt to become an agent, he was named as an advisor at Real Madrid, later sporting director and in 2013 he became the second coach with Carlo Ancelotti.

In June 2014, Real Madrid announced that Zidane was going to be the coach of Real Madrid Castilla and so Zizou had his first experience as a head coach.  At the time the team had just suffered the demotion from Segunda and had a respectful campaign at Segunda B, though it only ended sixth, out of the promotion zone. For the current season, and before been named as the coach of the first team during this week, he had Castilla 2nd with only 2 defeats in 19 matches.

This is first meeting against Víctor Sánchez Del Amo as a coach, though both men coincided in the pitch for the “centenariazo”. Víctor should be a roller model for Zidane, after all he debuted last season as a coach and in less than a year has taken his Deportivo from been a candidate to t relegation to be living close to the European positions.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon; he talked for twelve minutes and started explaining the meaning of this match “We will face a challenge that motivates us and that’s passionate before the Bernabeú and the mighty Real Madrid. We will use the resources that you have sawn all season long. We only have one rival before completing the first round and the team always responded. The team has always reacted against all kinds of systems and moments, so we are prepared to face Real Madrid no matter the version they will present.”

The Madrilenian coach isn’t expecting big changes, at least for now, after the arrival of Zidane, “We don’t expect big changes at Real Madrid, at least in a tactical sense, surely there will be a change of attitude and a change in the public, but the team is prepared to face these changes as we have been developing this throughout the season. It isn’t a problem.”

He continued insisting that Deportivo must be prepared for this challenge, “It’s one of the toughest games on the season and it will demand the 100% or even more from our capability. We have confidence and are motivated to face the challenge.”

Víctor is returning to his former team, but he prefers to focus on the game, “It’s the return to the home where we were formed, almost the half of our life, those emotions will be lived on the pitch, but the head will be focused in the routine of the game.”

Asked about the possibility to repeat the lineup in this game, he didn’t want to give clues, “[Smiling] you know that we don’t like to reveal information, neither tactical nor the lineups. At the time we release the lineup you will know.”

Depor’s coach doesn’t think that Depor can get a positive result in this game just because it drew at Barcelona, “Off course the game at the Camp Nou brings confidence and demonstrates we can compete at the highest level, but it also happened in other games facing big rivals and also facing situations with a disadvantage. We have chances to get a win and we are motivated, which brings confidence to us.”

He didn’t’ want to valorise the arrival of Zidane to Real Madrid’ bench, “We don’t lose the time analysing what happens at other clubs. I wish him luck as with any other college. Nothing more. We are only worried of our club and our team.”

Then the coach explained the situations with some players, starting with Jonathan Rodriguez, who is out of the roster for the game, “It is a tactical decision, though it’s true that he is dragging some muscle issues after returning from the holidays. We needed to be careful during the trainings and he had to make a big sacrifice in the Copa game, match that he couldn’t complete. We understand that the players in the roster are the ones prepared for the game.”

Later he talked of Pletikosa and Cani, “As the transfer arrived, he [Pletikosa] can be part of the roster. He is progressing and it’s interesting to see him entering the dynamics of the group. In the case of Cani, he has issues in one ankle and hasn’t trained with normality. He is improving, but isn’t at the same level than his partners.”

Finally, Víctor denied that his team is in disadvantage for playing the Copa in midweek, “We never search for excuses. The only disadvantage in the game is economic. It’s undeniable. These are too many millions against a few. That’s a real disadvantage. We are professionals and the players are prepared for that effort and, besides, we have a large squad.”

Real Madrid’s new coach talked to reporters on Friday’s noon. The press room was full as this was his first press conference prior to a match. He was explaining how the week was lived, "I was thinking about Castilla's next game and then everything changed. Now we are fully focused in this game. I'm very happy and the players are happy too.  All of the players ate top quality and they are a pleasure to watch. I'll sleep well tonight. The training session was fantastic, but you can always improve. There is always room for improvement and I will try and improve the players and myself every day.”

He confirmed that Bale, Ronaldo and Benzema are going to be starters, “Yes. The rest you'll see it tomorrow.  Not everyone can play. It was the same when I was a player. What we have to do is to treat everyone with affection and with an even hand."

There are doubts about if Isco or James are going to play in this game, in this regard he only commented that, "They're very good and important players. My job is to offer them encouragement and support, talk to them, tell them that what's important to me is the squad, that some players are obviously going to play more than others, but I have to show that the squad come first and foremost. That was my experience as a player".

The Frenchman talked of Deportivo and said that the key for the game is to have the ball possession, "Depor are dangerous on the counterattack but the most important thing is what our side can do. When we don't have the ball then everyone has to defend, but the best way to defend is to have the ball."

Finally, Zidane is convinced that the fans are going to like his version of Real Madrid, "We want to make the fans happy. We want them to enjoy watching the team and the players. We have been working well in training and we are focused on Depor’s game." 




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