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15 Jan 2016
There is no crisis at Deportivo. It’s what Juanfran believes as the team completed a solid first round adding 27 points. The right-back believes that 10 more points are needed in order to secure the permanence.

Juanfran Moreno talked to reporters after Thursday’s training. He is hoping to see Deportivo having a strong start in the second round, “The second round start is beginning with the team in a privileged position, but we cannot relax and must continue with the same intensity that brought us here. We’re hoping to make a great second round.”

The right-back was questioned in several opportunities if Depor are in a crisis, and he denied the idea, “I don’t see it that way. It’s true that we chained a couple of straight defeats, but the team is confident and training at the top. Surely we will make a great game and will start to add again, so we can continue towards the goal of the permanence.”

He continued explaining why Depor are fine despite the last defeats, “We are professionals. We committed an error the other day, we weren’t fine, everybody knows it, but football is present and quickly gives you the chance to redeem. That’s what we will do at the field of Real Sociedad. We cannot think of Real Madrid or Mirandés, but to bring the intensity that characterizes us.”

“We already have 27 points. The day of Villarreal we did the right things and didn’t deserve to lose and didn’t have luck in some decisions. The day of Real Madrid, the first goal penalized us and it got complicated.  Mirandés is a tough opponent on the road and later things were complicated at home, but I believe the team is playing good. Eibar came the other day and we defeated them in a convincing way. We visited Getafe, side that last year had already defeated us in the first half, and we competed pretty well. I believe we are fine. We must remain calm and must continue working. With 27 points in favor, we cannot talk of crisis, never.”  He added.

He also admitted that Lucas is fundamental for the squad, “Sure. He has scored 12 goals and for us he’s fundamental, but it’s unfair to give him all the responsibility. We must yield in other facets. I believe Lucas is having a spectacular performance, but all the weight of the goal cannot fall upon him, the rest must help in this facet.”

The Madrilenian was talking of the rival, “They try to make a game like Barcelona, treating the ball well. They have good players and I’m sure they will improve their performance in the second round. Agirretxe is the fundamental player has he has scored the half of the goals. He is injured now and I don’t know if he will play, but they also have good players like Vela and Bruma. But we cannot think of the rivals. We have demonstrated that, if we are fine, we are tough to beat. We tied in the first round and will try to have a better result.”

Finally Juanfran was targeting the permanence in 38 points and didn’t rule out the option of aspiring to bigger things, “I would say that the permanence is in 37-38 points. Several teams had a poor record in the first round and in order to add 37-38 now they would have to add a lot. I don’t think it will go beyond that. A victory now will leave that mark only three victories away and must starting thinking about that. We must get the goal and please the fans, and since then we can go beyond, but within the first five games of the second round the permanence must be clinched, fundamentally because these games are from our league.” 




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