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20 Jan 2016
It is a good moment for Luis Alberto, who has scored the last two liga goals for Depor. The Andalusian attacker thinks that Deportivo must add a lot of points in the coming games and he also refused to talk of his future.

Luis Alberto addressed the media on Tuesday’s noon. He was targeting what Depor must do in the second round, “I’ve been pending of the numbers and we must remain quiet. We have 28 points and lie in the tranquil zone. The second round has just started and we will try to tie or improve the numbers of the first round, and for the moment we got the draw against Real Sociedad and will try to get the first victory against Valencia.” He also denied the idea that the team is living in a bump, “If you look at our defeats, except from the one against Mirandés, you will realize that these are teams from another league. No one has passed over us.”

About the upcoming rival, Valencia CF, the Andalusian said that Depor must focus in winning and not thinking of the rival’s problems, “I hope that this week we can get the first home victory, for us and the fans, it is about time. We must think of making our game, we know that they have great players trying to achieve the victory, but we also need the three points and will give everything for the victory.”

“They aren’t in a good moment, but if you take a look you will see that they defeated Granada this week with a global of 7-0 [Copa Del Rey], so you cannot expect for anything. They have great players like Álvaro [Negredo]. We can only think of making our game and giving everything on the field. It’s going to be a difficult game.” He added.

About the fact that he has scored the last two goals of Depor in liga, he commented that, “The players upfront know that we need to seize the opportunities. I had two opportunities in the game and I scored once. It was good to get a point. I don’t care who score the goals, but it should be good to add the points.”

He doesn’t want to stablish a mark of points in order to clinch the salvation, he just wants to continue adding, “We must try to add the highest score of points in a short period of time. The key is to get the mathematical salvation and later to see what happens. We face rivals from our league and we need to add 12 or 15 points as soon as possible, later we can aspire to something more than the permanence. In the first round we competed against all the rivals, except Real Madrid. We cannot be afraid of anyone, surely we will face rivals from our league in the next games and we must think of adding the points.”

Finally, Luis Alberto didn’t want to say if he want to continue on next season, this after been asked if he is already talking to Liverpool and Deportivo about his future, “I neither talked to Liverpool nor to Depor, and sincerely I don’t want to do it until June or ending the league. I don’t want to think of anything else than Deportivo. I just want to focus in Deportivo and we will see later.” 




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