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21 Jan 2016
Veteran Albert Lopo is calm despite the recent results of Deportivo. He believes that the current situation is normal as all the teams live good and bad moments throughout any season.

Albert Lopo addressed the media on Wednesday. In his press conference he transmitted a message of calm as the team is quiet despite the recent results. He started saying that everything is normal inside the changing room, “The environment at the changing room is great, another thing is that the results haven’t been good lately. The point is that things are fine inside the changing room.”

“When the results don’t join you then, immediately, the comments regarding the poor form are showing up. That if there are problems or if something is happening. I believe that all the teams live negative streaks and we want to start winning again in order to be the same team of the first round.” Lopo added.

About the upcoming clash with Valencia CF, he said that Depor should be cautious despite the rival’s form, “It is a deceiving game, because people seem to believe that Valencia are dead, that they aren’t fine, but I believe that Valencia are one of the best squads and it will be similar to Sevilla: teams that started badly but that at the end of the league will be at the top, let’s hope that their good streak will start on the following game and not on this.”

“They didn’t star well, there were problems and they changed the coach, it all affects, but we can only be thinking of ourselves. We must add a new victory and add the three points to reach the goal, which is what we all want: to reach the goal as soon as possible.” He added.

Later the Catalan defender gave several reasons why Depor haven’t clinched good results in recent games, “Each game is different, each rival is different and each rival plans the game in a different way. One day a team will have more chances and the other more, and the opposite will happen later. The second rounds are more complicated, because we already know each other. The rivals study you, but you need to do your job and also have to study them.”

“The clubs live good and bad streaks, we want to repeat the results of the past, but I don’t think it is a physical thing what happened recently. The rivals also play and we neither were focused as in recent games. A lot remains in the second round to keep the same regularity.” He added.

Lopo ended the press conference saying that other teams should be worried about the current situation, “If we should be worried now, then last year we should have been hanging from a bridge. We cannot relax, the opposite, because as soon as we clinch the salvation, the better. But we cannot panic. There are teams that should be worried, but not us.”



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