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21 Jan 2016
Carlos Marchena announced his retirement from football on Tuesday. The centre-back only played 44 games at Deportivo, but was crucial for the team, even scoring the goal that gave the last promotion to Primera.

On Tuesday Carlos Marchena announced his retirement from professional football. The 36-year-old centre-back was playing in India with Kerala Blasters since 2015 and decided to leave the game in an open letter to the fans.

“I am putting an end to my active career as a footballer. It has not been easy, but that's life and now it's time to face a new era. I want to thank everyone who has helped, taught and supported me throughout these years. I feel privileged to have had the chance of experiencing many, many different things. This beautiful journey began on the Calle León de Las Cabezas de San Juan and it has not stopped enriching my life, both personally and professionally. I carry football, my education, good friends and an overall magnificent experience. I would like to thank all the teams Juven, CD Cabecense, Sevilla FC, SL Benfica, Valencia CF, Villareal CF, RC Deportivo de la Coruña and Kerala Blaster, for giving me the opportunity of defending their jersey and because they allowed me to play for the Spanish National Team.” He wrote

He made a successful career with 404 club appearances in which he won the three tiles in Spain plus the UEFA CUP with Valencia CF (2003/04). He was also part of the national team of Spain that won the EURO 2008 and the World Cup in 2010. He even won a silver medal in the Summer Olympic Games (2000).

Marchena celebration the goal of the last promotion in 2014

His career at Depor can be considered as short, because he only completed 44 league appearances in two seasons, but he won the heart of the fans with his performance at leadership. He was part of the team that suffered the relegation during the season 2012/13, but decided to stay and led the defence in the returning campaign to Primera.

Actually, it was him who scored the symbolic goal that gave the promotion in the 1-0 win over Real Jaén (May 31, 2014). Marchena left Depor a few weeks later due to a bad relationship with former coach Fernando Vázquez. On June 6 the defender announced that he wasn’t going to renew his contract.

 During the press conference he explained his feelings for been at Deportivo, ”Before coming Oltra phoned me and told me that he wanted me. I didn’t like the idea, because I was coming from Valencia and there was always a confrontation on here with them, but since the first day the love was huge. At the time I thought: I should have come before. Everything has been fine since then. I felt huge during the celebrations, but people aren’t the ones that decide, but the coach and if he doesn’t want it then nothing happens. I’ve never been in a place where they didn’t want me and won’t do it now. I’m just thankful and will never forget for been here. I believe I’ve changed the image the fans had on me. I’m proud of what I did on here and will always be thankful to all the Deportivismo” 




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