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22 Jan 2016
Pedro Mosquera conceded an interview to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa; the centre midfielder analysed the current situation of the team after the most recent results. For him Depor have lost some feelings as the rivals study their characteristics.

Q: People have spoken of crisis, slump, bad run of results, how the team describes it?
A: When talking about poor performance or crisis you have to analyse everything. I think the last game we played, in terms of results, it wasnít bad. A draw visiting Real Sociedad, a team that right now is very good, which won 2-0 against Valencia and has been doing very good games, is not bad. Another thing is that the feelings have not been as good as we expected. The tie in Copa was bad, especially the last, but from there we need to win again to regain people's trust.

Q: At the time you wanted to be isolated from the euphoria around the team, do you feel that now you need to put aside some pessimism?
A: No. The bad game was the home clash in Copa del Rey, which was very bad, and obviously people didnít went out happy. Against Villarreal at home we deserved to win, at the Bernabťu it was a very clear result, but we had many chances and the other day against Real Sociedad we did a regular game and we got a positive result, because itís on more point ahead of salvation. I think people will always be with us and has shown that even when we have lost they have been with us.

Q: Are you more concerned for the lost feelings or the results?
A: If you stop to look at the numbers, we made 27 points in the first round and in the second we started like the first, tying against Real Sociedad. You have to separate a little what is the Copa del Rey from the league. It isnít useful to cry and neither to think about what happened. We must focus on the league and now we have two home games to get back those feelings that have been lost a bit.

Q: Why you lost those feelings?
A: The rivals study you, they are evolving and the matches are more difficult: they already know you, know your weaknesses, your strengths, the opponent is also prepared... We are working to have a little more of ball possession, having more calm when we have the ball and keep improving. We have a twelve-point cushion on salvation, which is our goal, allowing us to work with some calm and knowing that you can improve many things.

Q: You speak of having the ball, do you feel that you didnít have it enough?
A: No, I spoke of the match against Real Sociedad, it is true that we had less of the ball than others. At the Bernabťu it was 50/50 against one of the best teams in the world, so I donít think thereís a problem with that. True, the other day wasnít a good game and still, playing badly, we got a point.

Q: Have you lost the ability to surprise?
A: No. We have very good squad, but itís true that the rival is better prepared and in the end they know where we will go. The coach is trying to vary and change the system to surprise the opponent. He always says it: we have many things to improve and correct, from there to hurt the opponent.

Q: Do you believe that the team is worse defensively?
A: Obviously if they are making more shots it is because maybe there are things that are unbalancing us and have to readjust. We're working on it and return to be a compact team that only allows a few chances. But it also comes by phases, we played against Madrid, a team that completes a lot of shoots, they scored five times and the statistics change. Yes, it is true that we have to be a little closer together and follow the line that we did in the first round, which went very well.

Q: Is a factor affecting for this the current drought of Lucas Pťrez?
A: Inside the changing room we never talk about individual players, we talk about the team. If someone is not performing at their level, it is because the whole team has dropped, but nobody is yielding less than their level. Lucas is as usual, but in games like the other day there are fewer occasions and is more difficult to score.

Q: Are the expectations put in place in recent weeks?
A: What people think is what you generate. By making 27 points in the first round and still up doing very good games, people are deluded. Now because we take a run of poor results, in quotes, it is normal to put off a bit, but we are responsible for the re-animation. Also during the first round we had phases in which we didnít win the games, phases in which it was said that we were drawing too much, but eventually we added 27 points.




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