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12 Feb 2016
Only a few changes within the last games of Deportivo, Víctor has preferred to keep intact the 4-4-2 during 2016, though he made a variation for the visit to Real Sociedad. The coach argues that the reason is that, now, he has more data.

After a start of season in which Víctor Sánchez was practically making important variants in each matchday, Deportivo have now reached a point when the changes are scarce. Since 2016 started the team has played six games in liga and the coach has only made one tactical variation.

This lonely tactical variation took place for the visit to Real Sociedad (Jan 16), match in which the coach kept the now traditional 4-4-2, but with the variation of playing with four side defenders at the same time. Laure and Fernando Navarro were at the back, the wingers were left out, while Juanfran Navarro and Luisinho were playing in attacking positions. 

In the rest of the matches the plan of the coach has been to use the 4-4-2, with midfielders performing as wingers and with the main characteristic of the presence of two attackers: Luis Alberto and Lucas Pérez. This couple has been the one calling the attention as they scored 5 of 6 goals netted in the period.

There have been minor changes, but those were punctual situations like the suspension of Lux that allowed Manu to play against Rayo Vallecano (Feb 1), or the fact that Fede Cartabia started the year as a starter until an injury pulled him back while Cani jumped to the stage in order to be the starter on the right wing for the past three games.

In a recent interview Víctor was explaining why the rotations are scarce at this point on the season, ”The beginning of the season is a context in which there is more room for more changes, because all the concepts are not yet consolidated. As times passes and this process is completed, you are also accumulating performance data. That’s the main thing to be part of the lineup and the changes. In order to enter the starting lineup and enter in the changes you need performance, and that must be earned.”

Accepted or not the explanation, the point is that Depor remain winless and the situation might pull the coach to make changes soon; after all he stated that the presence in a lineup is a matter of performances. During this week the coach has opted in training other aspects of the game, on Wednesday it was the output of the ball and on Thursday it was the set-pieces, but he could be planning a change on the strategy on Friday, one day before the meeting with Real Betis.

For this game there’s the chance to see Víctor using again the 4-4-2 system with four full-backs on, this for the dangerous presence on the wings for the Andalusians, especially with Charly Musonda on the right wing.



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