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16 Feb 2016
Pedro Mosquera talked to reporters in order to explain the reasons for signing a contract renewal after receiving a big offer from Valencia CF.

The renewal of Pedro Mosquera was announced on Friday, on Monday the midfielder was conceding a press conference. He was joined by his agent Manuel García Quilón. The player started saying that he is happy for signing the renewal, “It was the longest possible contract and it lasts until 2021. In the end any player likes to be pretended by another club, because it says that you are doing great, not only individually, but also as a team. I was calm and did what I considered was the right thing, I thought it was the best for the club and for me.”

Then the midfielder explained the main three reasons why he decided to stay, “For many things, starting with the fact that I am happy on here. In the past I said it many times:  I am happy in A Coruña and at Deportivo. Later the conversation with the coach had a lot to do with it, in this case the difference of money was big and in the end you need to hear other persons, not only your family, and the coach gave me good advices. I ended here for what he told me.”

“I never saw myself out of Deportivo. I was just valorizing the options and hearing other persons, my family and myself, and then I decided that the best was to stay here. Also, I don’t think it was ethical to leave a club at the middle of the season. I am grateful with Deportivo for the season we are doing and in the end I decided this. We reached this agreement and I hope to stay here for many years.” He added.

The Galician player explained that he wasn’t part of the negotiations with Valencia CF, “I never talked to Valencia, it was my agent, Manolo [García Quilón]. I don’t know if there were advance talks or not, the only thing I knew was that, when the offer was over the desk, I decided to stay here. The offer from Valencia was very interesting not only economically, but also for the sporting sense. Truly they aren’t in a good moment, but the normal thing is to see Valencia staying at Primera División with a big probability to grow.”

“I don’t know if this is a message that we can be transmitting, but a player in the outside seeing that that player is staying here, he might think that it is for a reason and it may help to see people coming. I also thank Valencia for the interest that they had.” He added.

He also talked of his conversation with president Tino Fernández and also of the fans’ response, “The president always transmitted the message that I should stay here, he made me understand the importance that I have in the team, so he did a lot on order to see me staying here. He had a lot to do to see me staying here. It was a positive conversation. These days have been a bubble to me, because the fans treated le really good. People from everywhere were written me asking to stay. “

Finally, Mosquera hinted that he will like to retire at Deportivo, “As you hear me before I was talking of the longest contract that was possible and that’s the idea. I am happy on here and I hope to stay for a long time. To see Deportivo in a great form and hopefully it could be a long career on here. It will be pretty to retire on here. The conditions at Valencia were different and if I decided to stay here it was for something."



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