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17 Feb 2016
The renewal of Mosquera is just one step in the plans of the club ahead of the coming seasons, only five of the eleven starters against Betis are ending their link with Deportivo during the summer.

The recent renewal of Pedro Mosquera should be considered as one more step in the club’s plans related to have a stable team. In recent years the big financial problems forced Deportivo to face the seasons with loaned players or with players that were coming only with one-year contracts.

But since last year the financial situation is giving more room to the board in order sign longer contracts, and that’s what the club is doing: securing the continuity of the best players and the normal starters. Coach Víctor Sánchez has barely made changes in the last games, and almost all the players that have been starters have a long-term link with Deportivo.

Because the renewal of Mosquera was preceded by the renewals of Álex Bergantiños and Juan Dominguez during the last year, or the “mysterious” transfer of Sidnei Rechel during the summer, the Brazilian signed a three-year contract, but there’s the rumor that a transfer to a Premier League club was already agreed.

If Sidnei leaves it would be an important casualty for next season, after all he is one of the three field players in la liga that has played all the possible minutes so far, but the important thing is that if he leaves it will be leaving money, which is the goal of the board of directors: to always capitalize the departure of the important players.

Of the eleven starters against Real Betis, only five are ending their link with the club during the summer: German Lux, Fayçal Fajr, Luis Alberto, Cani and Juanfran Moreno. The most difficult case is the one with Luis Alberto, the Andalusian attacker is now a fixed man in attack and has scored five goals and also provided four assists.

The club will like to see him to stay, but hasn’t started any negotiation with Liverpool FC. And with the Reds having a new coaching staff it isn’t certain what’s going to happen with the player. Meanwhile the case with Fajr is more favourable as the player likes to stay and has a big option of ending his link with Elche at the end of the season.

Also favourable is the case with Lux. The keeper ends his contract in June and president Tino Fernández explained the situation last month when he presented the renewal of the Víctor, “The interest in German [Lux] is at 100% and hopefully we could announce soon his continuity. There are some variants and something is missing, but I have the same feeling than with Víctor: he wants to stay and we want him to stay, and the normal thing in this case is to reach an agreement. In my opinion there will be an agreement.”

Cani ends his contract during the summer and last week he left a door open to continue in A Coruña, though it is known that the club is searching for more options, one of them is the possible return of Bruno Gama. The case with Juanfran is also in a midpoint, there’s isn’t any ongoing negotiation with Watford FC, though the player has said that he will like to stay.

The club is also trying to reinforce the link with other important players that already have two or more years of contract, it’s the case of Celso Borges and Lucas Pérez. In both cases the club’s officials are already negotiating a renewal, in the case of the midfielder it is to extend his continuity beyond 2017, while in the case of the Galician attacker it is to increase his release clause (currently €20 million).



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